Scar: “ACT 1 (Rituals)” – instinctive impulse!

Scar is a 23 year old east coast rapper who has just dropped his dropped his explicit single “ACT 1 (Rituals)”. From the opening bars of the track it’s clear that this is going nowhere near the mainstream. But then that doesn’t seem to be in Scar’s mindset anyway, or else he would never have written a batch of unrepeatable rhymes to start with. The track only lasts 1 minute and 38 seconds, and you’ll be left with only one of two expressions when the last note hits your ears – “Thank fuck that’s over!”, or “Damn I wish that shit lasted longer!”  It’s simple, there are no half measures when listening to somebody like Scar: you either love or hate the fucking guy.

Scar forms part of that polarizing group of emcees who say what’s on their minds without counting any p’s and q’s or giving two hoots about your sensibilities. Usually these guys are street poets, and larger than life showmen bringing innovative beats and scathing lyrics. They give rap and hip-hop its rocket-like edge. They shoot off and you never know where they’re going to be touching down.

Sometimes they can be downright dirty, disgusting and degrading with misogynous and hedonistic themes running wild in their book of schemes. But ladies and gentleman this is hip-hop in a volatile age of change, and rappers like Scar are necessary to give the genre fresh and instinctive impulse.

“ACT 1 (Rituals)” is just that. His lack of fear to experiment with a different type of production to the usual fare, as well as his rapping skills are pretty much evident on this track. Obviously you don’t come to “ACT 1 (Rituals)” for deep, reflective and introspective verses, verging on the conscious. You come here to blow your mind, and Scar is here to set your ears ablaze with all the sexual shit that’s on his brain.

So when he starts off from bar one, it’s like a freight train fully loaded and totally out of control. You can’t stop this thing until it stops itself. As I said in the beginning, luckily for the weak at heart it only lasts 1 minute and 38 seconds, while others will be pissed off that it doesn’t last longer.

You can also thank your lucky stars the track doesn’t come with a lyric sheet, because it’s perfect for shocking and terrifying your parents or grandparents. They’ll think you’re a sex-crazed, drugged-out motherfucker, which you probably are if you’re listening to this stuff!

Scar is another artist to add to your alternative rap collection, so every time you get a little tired of the watered down, clichéd mainstream bullshit, you can get your shot here.


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