Jamez Monroe: “Let’s Make Love” – emotional and sexual tones

Jamez Monroe is a performer, songwriter, arranger, and producer with an ambitious drive and a strong desire to explore deep musical knowledge. Developing his craft Jamez leaned towards writing songs with meaningful lyrics, expressing his anger, lust, sensuality and sexual aggression. He has spent a couple of years working on his debut album which will be released during 2017 and will contain a mixture of different influences such as Pop, Electro-House, Disco-Lounge and Chill-Out. There seems to be something of an unspoken half-truth in any form of art nowadays that angst is what fuels the best contribution to society from any artist.

I call this a half-truth because usually when an artist goes through something like a breakup, they’re quick to rush out a reactionary product that often gets a huge over inflation of quality from fans, that they almost focus more on the context rather than the quality. Don’t believe me? Just look at the past decade, which has had a fair share of reactionary breakup albums and then some.

And it’s easy to see why an event like that would ignite a creative flame in one’s soul- they finally have something to write about, or express their emotions with other people too. And then there’s artists who live through obsessions and personal curiosities, and after some years of internalizing it, manage to put out their most compelling work yet. This second scenario fits “Let’s Make Love”. Because having a peculiar sexual appetite is not a one off event, but rather an ongoing luxury.

Jamez himself explains the song as: “Lyrically, it (Let’s Make Love) portrays vanilla sex and mature people with class and sophistication looking for joy and one-night stands in luxurious places away from daytime drama.”

So this blend of animalistic desire and sophisticated pleasure led Jamez to devote some time to crafting this classy solo effort. One can get the sense from listening to this song that Jamez doesn’t just write the fantasy, but lives it too, as he explores plenty of musical and risqué lyrical territory.

Making a good case for why he deserves to be seen as a true artist. Even the single cover and the video as well as all the promotional imagery for “Let’s Make Love” shows Jamez Monroe taking a firm grip on his mature sexual persona, as he makes his intentions clear – “I know how to please you, and how to share your dreams too.”

Knowing when to go into sexy territory while also getting the honesty and emotion of the song across when he needs to, Jamez Monroe’s voice as well as his persona and captivating image is obviously a strong point in this song, as his sensuous understated vocal delivery sells the material he sings perfectly.

“Let’s Make Love” is a true testament to Jamez Monroe’s power as a solo artist and his penchant for writing emotionally compelling material. The emotional and sexual tones is not all the track has going for it though, as it is built upon a gloriously seductive keyboard and percussion driven soundscape, making it a lovable track that will for sure be in your head for days on end.


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