Matej Dezelak: “Together” – personal and direct!

Matej Dezelak is 24 years old Pop singer from Slovenia, Europe. Apart from singing Matej also dances and plays both piano and guitar. A few months ago he released his romantic single, entitled “Together”, where he forges all his uplifting positivity. Matej shows on this track that he is capable of writing emotional lyrics whilst completely capturing the audience with the melody of his songs.  Pop is always a tricky genre to go and analyze, with the generalization being well – being commercialized music made for the masses and nothing more to it.

Our stereotypical assumption is that Pop is horrible in every possible fashion. Unsurprisingly that stereotype has lived up to its name recently with quite a few disasters showcasing the mediocrity of the genre. If anything, we should just go upon the realization that anything classified as ‘Pop’ isn’t worth our time at all.

However, you may just want to hold that thought; with artists like Matej Dezelak delivering a single done well enough and where simple pop music shows some promising signs of life. Matej delivers a surprisingly solid track with “Together” released earlier this year.

Aiming towards a more stripped-down, acoustic route musically than the big production, symphonic sounds that have been prominent for male artists in the genre. He also keeps his storytelling personal and direct as he speaks to the one he loves, telling her just why she is special.

These are promising signs that can propel artists like Matej Dezelak to the pinnacle of his genre. What distinguishes Matej from the trendy social media pop sensations and puts him in the ‘legitimate artist’ field, is the stripped-down, acoustic-like musical style.

While you hear other pop artists on vocally-magnified, grandiose-production tracks; the polar opposite is the case with Matej, who sets the atmospheric tone for “Together” with a relaxing, rustic premise.

Bringing a somber acoustic guitar and Matej’s voice together with little else to it, gives the song intimacy and hence more credibility; the vocals also feature a vulnerable component where Matej opens himself up to the listener, putting it all on the table.

Another huge positive is that unlike many other pop singers there is the lack of outside songwriters in his music; with Matej writing every lyric, and the musical composition. This also makes the content more connecting between artist and listener. Overall it’s the edgy acoustic guitar and its empowering lyrics which gives this track a resonating boost, if it hadn’t already surprised you enough.


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