Nile Groove: “Insatiable” – a consistent purveyor of solid, organic rhythms

Nile Groove, is 6-piece Ottawa-based reggae, R&B and funk band launched in 2012, and featuring Roxanne, singer-songwriter; Salah Adem, drums; Abraham Loboi, bass; Steve Patterson, tenor saxophone; Michael Grewal, piano; and Daniel Grewal, guitar. Following the 2014 release of their first single “Without You”, the 2015 release of their full-length debut album “Uncovered”, the 2017 release of their new single “Why It Gotta Hurt So Bad”, and the brand new second studio album “Insatiable”, comes the single of the title track. Since their debut record, they have been making their mark within the scene with their innovative, hypnotic style. Producing uncompromising music for its international fan base.

Though Roxanne, on vocals, takes center stage, “Insatiable’s” instrumental showcases are of the highest quality as well.  Gorgeously hooky sax playing by Steve sets the bar, and won’t easily get out of your head. The guitar echoes some shimmering lines, with tasty keys and bass from Michael and Abraham respectively, all climaxed by Salah’s sublime rhythmic contribution.

The track highlights the huge sounding, reliable ensemble that has keeps the wheels turning impressively and smoothly. Always able to shift styles from track to track, Nile Groove’s, soul flames burn brightly here showing why this stunning act remains relevant and immediate on each release.

Nile Groove has put out a lot of good music over the years. But this is absolutely one of their best so far, in my opinion. Music, of course, is a subjective, personal thing, but this track just does if for me.

Roxanne deserves special mention, as always. She’s stellar, besides that the fact that she’s decidedly hot, which really does the equation no harm, on the contrary! The chanteuse and her full vocal range can ignite any kind of song anyone throws at her – from reggae to funk, and R&B to soul.

Almost like a band that was making soul music in the 70s, while staying connected with the currents of music prevailing today, Nile Groove bring a unique perspective that’s borne out in their music – capturing the vibe from a generation (or two) ago while making it all sound fresh and new.

Seemingly impervious to the ups and downs that often dog other multi-member acts, after 5 years in the trenches, Nile Groove remains a consistent purveyor of solid, organic rhythms. They never need to go searching for a feel-good groove to put into their songs, because they’re naturals at creating them.


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