Kozie: “Life’s A Bitch” / “Fly” – sophisticated and detailed pop music

Cody Hoffman better known as Kozie is a 25 year old artist originally from New Jersey, now living in Los Angeles to work side by side with producer Gavin Mackillop. Kozie will be performing across Seattle, Portland, Spokane, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles between October 3 and the 13. Kozie currently has two singles begging to be on your playlists – “Life’s A Bitch” and “Fly”. These tracks consist of tasteful, typical, sophisticated and detailed pop music.

“Life’s A Bitch” the first release of the two singles will appeal very much to the market I’m sure Kozie is heading towards. With this mid-tempo pop-ballad, the simple but engaging lyrics, and catchy melody allows it to easily expect plenty of radio plays and will get stuck in many heads. Of course much of the song’s attractiveness is due to Kozie pinpoint pitch and easy on the ear vocals. He is such a beautiful singer with a great ear for melodies and harmonies.

“Life’s A Bitch” stays true to Kozie’s warm and resonating pop voice, while putting a surprising R&B flare on the overall aesthetic. The finished product is a soothing effort, carried by a vocal performance oozing with seduction, and an underlying message that’s sure to uplift those with floundering spirits, when things look rough in life.

Apart from the strong vocal performance which is never overplayed or forced, the production sticks together some effervescent instrumentation, especially in the keyboard department. Besides the shimmering piano, there’s a resilient organ in the chorus section which gives the track that extra bar of earthy dynamism. It’s the cherry on top, so to speak.

“Fly” is a more upbeat, bass-driven track, which you could simply listen to, or dance to, depending on how high you turn up the volume knob on your stereo. It comes with a set of rapped lines incorporated into the arrangement, for extra pleasure, if that’s your thing.

“Fly” is the type of suave dance-pop experiment that you hardly get to hear anymore. The production cleverly creates an infectious supporting bassline, and includes an alluring 80’s-leaning, clean, guitar-like tone, and silky smooth 70’s styled harmonies throughout.

The throwback influences are all there to give the track a sense of sublime sophistication, while the raps add an edgy urban feel. All the elements together deliver a sensation that can only be described as knockout gorgeous. The single features the right amount of repetition, a catchy hook and a delivery that should make the ears perk up.

The emotions and performances on these songs easily pave a way for the songwriting and music production to resonate with listeners and eventually find a spot on the radio airwaves. Kozie is a fresh new artist that should be on your playlist. I really like his style, and his music is simply addictive.


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