Kings And Queens: “Heartbeat Synchronized” takes us on a luscious alt-pop and rock journey

Kings And Queens recently released their brand new single entitled “Heartbeat Synchronized” which had been two years in the making. Produced in collaboration with Dany Kufner and Mixed by Bene Schöller, the track was mastered by multi- award winning mastering engineer, Ludwig Maier, at GKG Mastering. The band is made of Konrad Wissmath (Lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Daniel Kufner (Drums), Sascha Gutmann (Lead guitar), Tobi Voges (Bass). With the opening lines: “Skyline, city lights / sitting on a rooftop paradise / Our Heartbeat’s synchronized / Our hearts Beat synchronized”, Kings And Queens take us on a luscious alt-pop and rock journey, embellished with sweet, melodic verses and soaring choruses. This is the type of song that should be perched on the Billboard Top10 somewhere.

Kings And Queens, though not known globally right now, are one of the up and coming bands that are looking to be noticed. Something they will no doubt achieve with the help of this song. The band has done something with the genre of Pop-Rock that is quite easy to explain – powerful lyrics, with a catchy uplifting melody, a steady heart-pumping rhythm, and choruses that fill you with comfort and joy. Sounds easy, right? All bands know and execute the formula, it’s been working throughout the history of the genre. Yet only a small percentage of bands complete the formula successfully.

Kings And Queens, succeed because their formula has top quality ingredients. They have a great singer, a solid rhythm section and instrumentalists, excellent songwriting and arranging, and finally, superb mixing and production work. These are not elements a band can make up by improvising along the way – it takes plenty talent and even more hard work to get the job done professionally.

This is usually what separates indie artists from the major league players when it comes to selling records. Raw artistic talent is not enough to make a commercial impact especially if you’re releasing shoddy material, no matter how good it is.

Kings And Queens seem to fully understand those unwritten rules and have combined their innate talents with the professional production elements needed to produce an all-round great song, and they have fully succeeded with “Heartbeat Synchronized”.

From the moment this hits your speakers you will be overwhelmed by its warm crystal clear tones and heartfelt lyrics, as much as you will be swept away by the jangling guitars and lavish arrangement. With a flair for poignancy and an undeniable knack for expressive eloquence, Kings And Queens are ready to garner significant respect within both the alternative and the mainstream communities.


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