Rozy, Miko and Machi: Free Willie”- the more you listen, the more you hear!

Roy Rosental (Rozy), Michael Drori (Miko) and Haim Versano (Machi), are three good friends who enjoy creating music that spans through multiple musical genres. The writing. The craftsmanship. The atmospherics. The mood. Their brand new single, “Free Willie” has it all. The inventive bass playing and the clean tones represent an understated sense of calm amid, at times, a firestorm of energy. And the guitars bring a sense of mood and dynamics that sit just right in song and sweeps the current along. Then there’s the solid, steady drumming. Everyone’s clicking into one unified purpose. To create art for art’s sake. Not for personal triumph. Rozy, Miko and Machi are true musical artists.

I was immediately struck not only by the song’s musicality, with great rhythmic groove, a stunning melody, scorching guitar and synth solos, as well as the perfect melodic vocals to match, but the way it was able to infuse the best qualities of many bands that have inspired me. “Free Willie” is a beyond brilliant progressive and psychedelic rock blend that combines retro elements of Pink Floyd, King Crimson and Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, among others.

First thing I have to say I noticed about the recording was the recording quality. It is pristine and crystal clear with very warm tones. Not sure what Rozy, Miko and Machi, and/or their recording engineer did while recording this to make it sound so good, but hats off to them for pulling it off. Despite the digital equipment at hand, so many new records today are very poorly engineered, but this was a pleasant exception.

The sound is full and clear, while the bass is perfectly balanced and there’s no distortion. The dynamics go from soft to loud and is flawless. It has all of the fullness and presence of a high-quality digital recording and all of the warmth and organic sound of vinyl. These qualities are not to be underestimated when it comes to the genre of music at hand.

Rozy, Miko and Machi are nuanced in their performances – they explode where necessary but they can also play with the most exquisite precision and delicacy where the song demands it.

All I can say is that this is one of those tracks that the more you listen to it, the more you hear. It is a study in contrasts with dark imagery contrasted against achingly beautiful harmonies and melodies. Heavy riffs contrasted against, deep textures. And so on.

But you have to hear it for yourself. “Free Willie” is essential listening for anyone that has a taste for retro rock flavors, with great songwriting, singing, playing, arranging, recording, and overall presentation.


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