Playa Panne: “The Underground King Mixtape” – street lifestyle and dream mentality!

After years of serving his music to the underground fiends, Memphis rapper Playa Panne has opted for the higher ground. The independent artist and engineer is now releasing fresh music from his new record deal.  “The Underground King Mixtape” is a compact 4 tracks deep. In a rap world where collaborations between artists and producers are becoming very prevalent, Playa Panne prefers to go it alone. The tracks her scream out money, struggle and lots of grind. The project commences with the single “We Be Makin Money”. It’s something of a dizzying track.  There’s lots happening sonically for a cut that lasts under three minutes. This song is an absolute banger! First off, the beat is fire! If you ain’t nodding your head on this track, you must have no neck. Ultimately it’s a flex, club-street track.

My favorite aspects to this mixtape are the beats and punch lines. You ever listen to a song and get hype from a lyric that made you think deeper than you intended too? Well I had a couple of those moments while listening to “The Underground King Mixtape”. This tape has various beat selections, creative lyrical phrases, catchy hooks and a good mix of content. Every song gives a different vibe.

The mixtape has hype songs that make you want to fight, materialistic songs that discuss money, ambition and dreams. Personally my favorite track is the dark, epic and futuristic “On A Mission”. This is street lifestyle and dream mentality mixed all into one. If you need new music in your mp3 player or cell phones. You already know what to do. Download this now.

Playa Panne refrains from switching up the formula that works for him across these tracks; the tales of street life, being an authentic spitter, and enjoying the spoils of hard labor are all present on this mixtape. But there is a sense of maturity in Playa Panne’s perspective on life as well as his ear for production.

Although the rapper doesn’t sway too far from the usual topics on the mixtape, he doesn’t display any signs of creative decline, mainly due to his unique deliveries and energetically busy soundscapes which can be verified on “Quit Flexin”.

Playa Panne is rapping really straight bars on these tracks. No gimmicks, no BS around, just talking the talk. This is what he excels in. He is an artist who works hard and that deserves any accolades and recognition. His work is constantly honest and he embodies the spirit of what many, many rappers aspire to be.

We can say that his songs are solid, they fit together and they refuse to take the type of leap that will shun the devoted fan or frighten the newcomer to his craft. However Playa Panne does not take the tried and tested mainstream route, as the urgency in his tone and cadence forces everything else to take the backseat.

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