Produc: “Life Changes” asserts its authority over the listener

Produc is a hip-hop artist born in Rahway, New Jersey. He has created a mix of 10 EP’s and albums so far, and has gained a lot of popularity overseas. Recently, his musical numbers have been climbing in the US as well. His latest release is the 5 track EP “Life Changes”. Produc is one of those rare talents in hip hop.  As an emcee he has skills for days. And although he has a subtle penchant for attacking the mic. He sounds incredibly sharp, yet relaxed. He is continuously in control. He is very deliberate and precise with rapping his words and his timing. Obviously he also comes with some great writing.

You just have to pay attention to every word Produc says. The way he weaves all his verses together is an incredible joy to listen too. Whenever he spits I just immediately pay attention. Lyrically he makes this an interesting recording, tying everything together on a loose concept. I think it is a great look into the stressful society that we all live in today.

Like I said, I love how Produc was able to tie this all together. In my opinion it all makes sense. Within the first minute of “Life Changes” he already asserts his authority over the listener, and ‘Baby’ is probably one of the best tracks on the EP. Produc kills it and the beat goes in hard with a soulful and funky groove.

The EP “Life Changes” is the dynamic between Produc’s melodic singing and his more rap oriented style. Whether it be harmonized, smooth vocals in the middle of tracks or the focus on lyricism and complex rapping throughout. It never ceases to amaze how Produc can maintain himself on the mic without ever losing his laid-back pace, or messing up a line.

His commanding vocal presence and storytelling dexterity show the makings of a great rapper. As soon as “Friends With Benefits” begins, Produc sounds determined to unify a fresh, new sound and conceptual goals with little compromise compared to most rappers out there right now.

With Produc’s string of positive tracks on show here, the earthly, old school feel of the EP comes head on. Furthermore, he is at his best over boom-bap induced and soulful sounds. The production on this EP avoids being revolutionary, but instead works toward complimenting Produc’s amazing wordplay and flows in order to move the recording along from beginning to end.

If you need a break every now and then from the highly commercial, childish, unsophisticated music being put out now a days, Produc delivers with this EP, with deep, well thought out, meaningful music. Informative, imaginative, inspiring, lyrical, and hopeful. He gives us hope, and demonstrates what Hip Hop is intended to be, over and above the commercial aspects.


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