Martin Mix: “Going Global” – ready to take on the world!

Martin Mix, is a 24 year old university student who is also a professional musician. Based in Kaiserslautern – the hometown of famed electronic music producer Zedd – Martin dedicated a lot of his time to master the guitar and piano from an early age. Later on, he started to play in bands, performing cover songs but also writing a lot of original material and gaining stage experience. Most recently Martin Mix picked up on creating his songs electronically, using both real and simulated instruments. This lead to his first single “Babylon” – released at the beginning of July – and followed two weeks later by his full-length album entitled “Going Global”, which went straight up to two top 10 slots in Beatport charts (Future House & Big Room House).

Not only is Martin Mix’s “Going Global” album suitable for the club life, but it also enforces the fact there is much more to his music than just a future house or big room sensibility. Martin incorporates sparing doses of organic instruments into some of his recordings which makes a world of difference to the music’s dynamics and sets him apart from his colleagues.

Not many electronic producers play both the guitar and piano. The fact that Martin plays real instruments also affords him the knowledge of knowing keys, chords and chord progressions – essential in building tension, atmosphere and mood into songs.

“Going Global” is essentially upbeat and makes you feel ready to take on the world – you could easily fit this into your early morning playlist as a perfect mood brightener for when you’re lacking motivation whilst consuming dangerous amounts of coffee first thing on a weekday.

The driving tracks “Babylon” and “Future” are especially adept at giving you an adrenalin-filled kick up the pants. But all of Martin Mix’s tracks contain a certified punch with very audible and clear bassline sounds, which are incessantly evident on “Go Crazy” and “Crank”.

Martin Mix waste no time in making any crowd dance. The energy and momentum on tracks like “Let’s Bring The House Down” and “Mitasubashi” lasts from start to finish, and if there’s a break at any time, there will instantly be a drop that brings the energy right back up.

Listening to Martin work his magic on “Floating”, it’s obvious his talent is undeniable and his confidence is high, as he masters electronic music in the most humble and creative way possible. His music is well-arranged, performed and produced, without the aid – or hindrance, depending on your personal view – of vocals.

The additional joy is that Martin’s musical style feels original. Progressive, even. And for a genre that tends to be satisfied wallowing in established trends more than any other, this is a much needed buck for the electronic standard. No doubt, Martin Mix will soon be killing the game when it comes to futuristic music that will both blow your mind and soothe your soul.

And don’t forget to check out Martin Mix’s brand new single “Dance With Me”, which is out right now on all major digital download stores!


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