The Falling: “Carry On” – an even split of radio-oriented rock flavors and alternative substance!

Canadian band, The Falling, was formed by singer-songwriter Pat Rossi who teamed up with experienced musicians Pierre Luc Brodeur on drums, Robert Flis on guitars and Dom Byers on bass, to establish the band’s core line-up. The Falling has been featured on numerous television and radio stations, and have opened for r 3 Doors Down, I Mother Earth (Brian Byrne), legendary rocker Gilby Clark of Guns N Roses, Jonas and The Massive Attraction and International artist Savoir Adore. Earlier in his career Pat Rossi also opened for Bon Jovi at the Montreal Bell Center by winning the SIRIUSXM Satellite Radio Song Writing Competition.

Signed to the newly formed Montreal label, RedJam Records, who are dedicated to nurturing and promoting independent artists, The Falling are set to release their full-length album during October. Currently the band has dropped their single “Carry On”, which has already been featured on several stations in Canada and the USA.

In an age of mindless pop and repetitive EDM anthems, The Falling comes along and proves that music still has a heart and a soul. They don’t rely on gimmicky nonsense like most of the other stuff that is on the market. They just craft good alternative rock music that hits you with emotion and feeling.

Occasionally bombastic with earnestly chiming guitars and soaring choruses, the band’s sound marches along with an authority that only a seasoned set of musicians are capable of.

Because of this, I feel that “Carry On” has a quality that I have very rarely heard in modern rock singles: a mainstream sound without making the sacrifice of having boring, shallow lyrics and redundant chord progressions: a vast majority of today’s radio friendly bands fuel their catchy tunes with pointless garble.

With a melody catchier than the common cold and impenetrable lyrics, The Falling is chest-thumpingly anthemic with Pat Rossi’s distinctive vocals curling around every vowel as if howling them will make each listener feel their impact.

While Rossi’s vocals appear to steal the spotlight, driving bass lines, jangling guitar riffs, and solid drumming, add depth to the track. The Falling effectively incorporates both song writing and musical depth, as well as catchy commercial tendencies. Yet at the same time they do not lose alternative rock’s frantic edge.

In summary, “Carry On” is a fairly even split of radio-oriented rock flavors and alternative substance, technically and harmonically advanced, intricately arranged, yet subtle enough, so as not to lose the capacity to connect with the masses.


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