Olivia Gruber: “Daydreaming” – uncontaminated purity

Sixteen year old Olivia Gruber was born in Vienna, Austria, but moved to the states five years ago. Olivia who started writing songs when she was 12, is a first-year student at the Idyllwild Arts Academy in California. She penned the song “Daydreaming” during this summer and recorded it shortly after. Olivia’s voice is a strong and she is not afraid to showcase her vulnerability and it shows in her musical work. It sounds authentic and filled with raw emotions. The song attempts to recapture the essence of the feel that we’ve been missing from artists – that stripped down simplicity of a singer with guitar and a song. The single is a very catchy and the chorus sticks in your head for days.

Olivia Gruber

“Daydreaming” has an overall folk-pop feel. The mood is tempered and Olivia Gruber’s angelic voice soars over her lyrics like an autumn breeze, wrapped in reverb and rich harmonies. The yearning lyrics are tender and touching at the same time.

Olivia takes the concept of personal honesty to a new level here, making sure we feel every word with every ounce of meaning and emotion she has experienced. She paints a clear picture of her romantic sentiments. Yet she does this without melodramatics, but just by sounding naively honest.

“I can’t seem to think straight when you’re near me. When you’re gone I wish you were here.” The words rolling around her tongue with a kind of twisted delight, interspersed with a melancholy longing. The song reflects on the different aspects of a love life and how it is impacted those loved ones that are not by our sides. And which usually leads us to daydream.

One thing is for sure. When Olivia Gruber sings, you listen. There’s something about her straightforward vocal approach that evokes comparisons to absolutely no one. She has a style all her own, and it shows in the track.

Olivia’s matter-of-fact manner of singing is refreshing. And, her self-awareness about her progression as a musician is evidenced by a gentle crooning that matches her delineation of observance, a placid state she’s created for herself both personally and vocally.

The impression is that currently Olivia Gruber does not have the shackles of marketeers, managers, tour-promoters and industry bigwigs that have so much effect on many young artists musical career. Hence with this track we are able to enjoy the uncontaminated purity of her performance.


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