Nega Blast X: “Give Me E” an immersing, yet accessible release

As electronic fans, some people always seem to dislike when others say they listen to techno. I mean ok, it’s just a term, but to some when they hear...

As electronic fans, some people always seem to dislike when others say they listen to techno. I mean ok, it’s just a term, but to some when they hear that word they think of the monotonous driving house beats with a stupidly simple melody. Maybe that’s why many still tend to shy away from electronic music. If you’re looking for a little more substance than that stuff. I’ve recently found a few artists that get the job done. One of these is Nega Blast X a trance, techno, and industrial music project formed in 2010 by Burbank music arranger and author Dominic R Daniels. On his album “Give Me E”, Nega Blast X successfully mixes dance beats with industrial synths and chiptune sounds to create a unique listening experience. The music comes off as spacey, creepy, but extremely energetic as well. Keep in mind that this album isn’t ambient, nor is this droning music to fall asleep to. This will keep you strutting your stuff. And powerfully so.

The driving force behind Nega Blast X’s music seems to be been an irrepressible desire to channel the spiritual abandon of electronic music through the prism of a very deliberate intellectual rigor. He has experimented with just about every type of song under the sun, but in the end it always comes back to that numinous, pit-of-your-stomach moment.

It’s the proverbial money-shot, that one blinding minute where all pretense falls away and everything comes together all at once. That happens in quick succession with back to back steamrollers, “Damage”, “Industry Lies” and “Breaker”.

An array of synthesizers, audio gadgets and a man behind the desk ensure Nega Blast X get the sound of just right (read: blaringly loud and guaranteed to piss the neighbors off if the dial is up too high) on “Give Me Ecstasy” and “Neo Nate”. This is Nega Blast X’s most immersing, yet accessible release without a shadow of a doubt.

A thick atmosphere peppered with cascading arpeggios and spectral synths lead “Give Me E” into being. It is utterly delectable. Nega Blast X drenches every second as the songs builds from strength to strength. Adherence to dynamic interplay is pivotal here; there are tracks here that are just as loud as any other release in Nega Blast X’s catalog and not a single track stagnates.

There is an air of reverent self-assurance across each of these songs. The painstaking attention to finer details, within both the strikingly empowering midsections of the songs, and the devilish breakdowns, forcefully prevent any semblance of doubt. Even when time is spent lurking in the thick of juicy synths wallowing in murk, each bar points to the next progression. Enough emphasis is placed on song evolution that even repeated segments ooze with new features.

I wasn’t incredulous to Nega Blast X’s potential as a producer, as I have heard a couple of his previous albums, but his level of conviction in the eclectic closing track “Alpha and Omega” is borderline brilliant. The fluctuant aura that dictates the song is underpinned by fervent aplomb. Everything on “Give Me E” moves forward. There is no waiting around. Nega Blast X is a producer on the move!


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