CEEM: “I Can’t Get Enough” – an intricately constructed electro tapestry

The Seattle-born and bred artist, CEEM trained in classical piano as a kid, and then went on to pursue a degree in audio engineering later in life. This laid the basis for his musical journey which started in an apartment in Seattle Washington, when he released his debut album “Creative Ways to Self Destruct”. This was followed by the EP “Equilibrium” and then “The Instigator” which brandied a blend of EDM and Pop.

Now CEEM has a brand new album planned for 2018, while he continues to drop the occasional single, which in this case is, “I Can’t Get Enough”.  One thing that refreshingly distinguishes CEEM from most musical electropop acts is that he never makes the same single, EP or album or back-to-back.

Every subsequent release seems to be a reaction from the previous one. He keeps you guessing to what his next move will be. The only things that are a given are CEEM’s smooth and sultry vocals and his textured synth-pop musical soundscapes. “I Can’t Get Enough” is a stylish mid-tempo beast with portentous swirls of understated sound underpinning CEEM’s haunting vocal.

This track is as equally mesmerizing, as the waves of shimmering electronica building then breaking against the vocals before subsiding again. The lyrics are enigmatic and stark, the imagery haunting. So far so good, but it’s the remix that actually contains the absolute winning formula.

“I Can’t Get Enough (Parisian Hooker Disco Remix)” provides the necessary wattage and funky beat to keep the dance floor pulsing — very few synth-pop artists sound as good as CEEM does – apart from The Pet Shop Boys maybe – blasting through massive club speakers, and this version of the song is a DJ’s wet dream.

It’s a solid remix that will surely keep the dance-floor buzzing, especially late at night when everyone is already lost in the intoxicating energy of the beats, the entranced crowd around them, and whatever liquids or chemicals happen to be percolating through their bloodstreams.

“I Can’t Get Enough” comes close to being an absolute triumph, thanks in large part to the extraordinary sonic boom that the production packs into the remixed version. There’s a very familiar but magical feel to an artist like CEEM. His music sounds like something you know but never sounds old or outdated. He makes electro-pop so instantly tantalizing that it won’t feel like a guilty pleasure.

Along with this, CEEM also tries for more explorative, darker and pensive sounds that balances out his brighter dance-pop indulgences. He actually calls this blend ‘Emotronic’.  “I Can’t Get Enough” is an intricately constructed musical tapestry, replete with multiple sonic ingredients and vocal flourishes that coalesce for another enchanting affair from CEEM.


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