Harrison Michael: “Coming For You” incorporates many dynamics

Born and raised in rural Upstate New York, Harrison Michael performs anything from rock to pop, to hip hop and soul, and everywhere in-between. Still in his early 20’s, Harrison has released his latest single, “Coming For You”. From the first listen to this track, it is apparent that he has a more mature and soulful, sound, as well as far more introspective lyrical content than many of his contemporaries. Harrison’s vocal performance is touching as he sings earnestly, with an emotive delivery. “Coming For You” is an exciting song because it has a satisfying contrast between the verse and the stadium filling sound of the chorus, which gives a lift every time it comes around.

There’s a unique element to Harrison Michael’s music that puts him in his own world. Perhaps it’s the fact that he has the pretty boy face could plastered all over the walls of every teen girl’s bedroom, yet his music doesn’t scream the same “teeny bopper pop sensation” vibe.

Harrison’s maturity is notable throughout his songs not only in the actual music and sound, but in the themes explored in his lyrics. He is certainly an old soul, wise beyond his years. But of course he will still have all the girls swooning with some of his endearingly woo-full ballads.

And though he would be deemed a pop artist, Harrison incorporates the dynamics of a singer-songwriter type, the edge of an alternative rocker, and even a little touch of rhythm and blues. With that kind of talent and versatility, “Coming For You” seems to be a precursor for the fan-capturing and award-winning material he’ll be busting out with in the future.

The singles he has released have showed us that Harrison has worked incredibly hard to hone his songwriting and vocal skills to take things to a whole new level this time around. His growth has been plain to hear in his tracks, which reflect a much more personal approach to storytelling, and experimentation with a variety of different genres infused into his sound. Now, we have “Coming For You” to create a pop record with the promise of some serious depth.

His ability to accurately encapsulate what it is like to fall and all of its complications makes me wonder what he’ll be capable to convey musically in the years to come. Sexy, heartfelt, raw, open, and honest — Harrison Michael is an artist who has everything you want in a pop star.


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