David Tick and The People: every song grooves but finds different ways to do it!

David Tick, who is a contributor to AudioSparx, with a plethora of music ready for licensing, has opened for such artists as Earth Wind and Fire and Muddy Waters, which should give you a quick measuring gauge of his musical pedigree. Tick, a music composer, keyboardist, vocalist and producer, traipses the paths of funk, soul, and jazz at will – changing gears accordingly, but always keeping all four wheels on the road. He has just released a triad of tracks, all wrapped into an audio video published on YouTube. David has explained that there will be an official visual following soon. In the meantime, the current video release allows us to savor David Tick’s escapades into three diverse musical flavors.

David Tick and The People kick the triumvirate off, with the easy listening, piano-driven “For All The Animals”. It’s sort of old school, but with contemporary flavoring. The rich percussion and sometimes syncopated playing invests the track with a strong, rollicking rhythmic pattern and an uplifting melodic theme.

This is David Tick cruising in overdrive straight into the golden sunset, and leaving all his cares behind. Unlike some musicians surrounded by racks of keyboards, David seems to be focused less on flash, pyrotechnics, and displays of virtuosity than colorful soundscapes that could mesmerize the listener.

On “I Keep On Holding Back”, David Tick and The People completely switch style and infuse the track with R&B, Soul and Blues influences. The song boasts a deep and sturdy male vocal, while it delves into relationships that for some reason or other don’t work out. Two things immediately standout on this track, besides the stunning and soulful vocals of course– the soaring horn interludes, and the sweltering and stylish handpicked notes forged throughout the brief but fiery guitar solo.

Well to be totally honest, the guitar breaks throughout the track are meticulously played. But then so is the piano, the organ, the bass…and so on and so forth. It’s almost unfair to break down the track as each element sits just so faultlessly right in the mix.

The 3-track show is closed by the jazz-fusion sonics of “Fusion Eclipse”. This is David Tick and The People in creative mode – with stops, starts, break downs and build-ups. This is the kind of fanciful sound you would expect from a synthesis of Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea’s playing. Apart from the sterling keyboards that lead this track around the audio merry-go-round, the resonant and thumping bass, plays a vital part in firing up the groove and keeping it running in top gear.

In this collection, every song grooves but finds different ways to do it. Just when you think you have the answer, David Tick and The People changes the question.  David is without a doubt carving out a pretty good niche for himself. And yes, David Tick stays in his lane, but apparently, he has it all to himself!


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