Konsagrade: “The House” – an emotive bit of driving progressive

Superbly put together and jammed full of atmosphere, “The House” is one progressive house track that can’t be overlooked. Konsagrade is a true talent when it comes to producing; his behind the boards performance is of the highest quality, but it’s his ability to add texture into his arrangement and to create moods which are all too easy and enjoyable to embrace that really stand out the most. The first words that come to mind are… energetic, vibrant, absorbing and well damn right brilliant. Konsagrade, is an Argentinian based Dj & Producer who delves in Progressive House, EDM, and Future House.

“The House” begins delightfully with a blessed out synths that opens the tune before switching to a hard-nosed beat and thumping bassline. The whole thing quickly gathers some pace thanks to some intense sounds by Konsagrade and some smooth and funky riffs. The breakdown and steady rebuild keeps the juices flowing very nicely with some twisted bass and haunting vocal interludes. It’s an emotive bit of driving progressive.

Music changes, mutates and grows. That’s perfectly normal and we’d expect that to be the case, but when it gets away from us, when there is a bad element hell bent on making money and not art, then the problems arise. It happened to mainstream pop music, it happened to hip hop, it even happened to rock music. And now it’s happening to progressive house with artists dishing out tracks that are pompous and full of its own self-importance.

One good thing I will say about Konsagrade is that he really seems like he sticks to what he knows best. While some other producers out there will be quick to jump on the latest bandwagon just to deliver a track that will sell, regardless of how clichéd it will sound, he plays music that he obviously believes in, and he mixes it and delivers it in a way that works. There are no dull moments in this track.

That being said, though, you don’t have to be a Konsagrade fan to realize that “The House” is a jaw-dropper in terms of its simple technical wizardry and cutting edge sound quality. This track is packed with deep, rich and variegated sounds. Great for those individuals who have grown out of trance and euro-cheese, looking for something fresh and different.

Though the basslines draw you directly to the dance floor, this is even perfect when listened through a set of headphones, or when chilling out with your friends. “The House” is pretty much multi-functional music!


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