Mike Crump: “Crazy Chicks” has a serious groove going on!

A few years after the auspicious days of the early-to-mid-millennium, when hip hop was finally starting to show some signs of life again, twitching and stirring just a little bit as it awakened from the crap-induced coma inflicted upon it by the anti-lyricist cliques and the scores of barbarous, hooting imitators who grunted and howled onto the airwaves in their wake, a new crop of promising MCs are emerging, focused at as much on lyricism and production as on gaining any chart success. Many names can be bandied about, and among them is one named Mike Crump. Crump’s answer to the industry’s need for quality material, is his latest album entitled “Master Of Ceremonies”, which succeeds on several levels in marrying underground credibility to mainstream viability.

From the aforementioned album comes the latest, and the third single release, “Crazy Chicks”. I first heard the track, built around a dominant piano sample and a deep rolling bassline, in the parking lot of a supermarket after driving home from the studio.

As tired as I was after a long, hard day behind the boards, the track reinvigorated me even more than a bottle of iced Frappuccino I had picked up and had me nodding my head to the beat. It was obvious from the first note that it had a serious groove going on.

As the track title suggests, “Crazy Chicks” is clearly intended to expose Crump’s choice in ladies, as it declares his fetish for the flesh of the far-out female. Here the Philly rapper puts their tantalizing curves and twisted minds on full display.

The track is straight up riding. It’s not just the words Mike Crump raps that make him communicate freely, it’s the strong breath control he displays, and the way he can interweave multiple types of rhymes into the same lines and keep them on point from bar to bar.

Mike Crump strongest suit always has been his personality, which runs through his recordings, and was already strongly evident on his “NKOB Born to Die” mixtape. His vocals reach out from his records, grabbing your attention and keeping your interest.

Crump has certainly grown as an artist, showing a willingness to creatively play with his musical concepts. A native of Philadelphia, he has always been capable of turning heads with his adept lyricism and knack for jaw-dropping quotables.

With the release of the album “Master Of Ceremonies”, and now the single, “Crazy Chicks”, Mike Crump has all the necessary elements on the table to transition from obscurity to the prime time. Not bad for someone intent on leap-frogging the competition!


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