Jordan Everist: “Call It A Night” – Synthetic yet soulful!

With his latest EP “Call It A Night”, producer Jordan Everist has done what all artists aspire to do: take a bar you’ve already set high with your previous outing (in his case, 2017’s full eleven track project, ‘Vacancy’) and show significant progress. Everist’s sound is decidedly characterized by extensive use of sampling, and the fairly intricately built percussion. Jordan Everist is easily and broadly labeled as electronica, but this should not be mistaken for some Buddha Bar compilation throwaway. “Call It A Night” is complex, orchestrated music from a man who blurs the lines between programmed and alternative sampled sounds.

To put it simply, everything this time around sounds fuller and punchier. He also makes room for vocal samples, and rapped rhymes. Both are used as strong complements to Everist’s interesting but always understated melodies and harder hitting bottom end. He boasts a wide-ranging list of influences, and subtle hints of all of them can be heard throughout the EP.

That isn’t to say this recording lacks cohesion; in fact, it’s one of its strong suits, and is almost a continuation of “Vacancy” in a way. When people talk about electronic artists who want to make dynamic instrumental music that moves far past just simple loops and vocal samples, Jordan Everist should be one of the first examples cited.

Right from the opening track, “The Beginning”, don’t limit this to your computer, laptop or worse still, tablet speakers. Even your iPod barely gives this EP enough room to breathe. This is full-bodied, layered music that deserves speakers with range and balance.

Give it the proper sound setting and you will be rewarded with its versatility. A long afternoon drive or even an inspired late-night spin, this record will provide what you need. “Before The Party” delivers a plodding bass and some poignant sounding keys which create a somber contrast to the airy opening track.

The evolution of Jordan Everist’s projects are a joy to observe. Each song always sounds both distinct and distinctly Everist; there’s a clear progression in his craft, becoming more sophisticated, and polished. “Relapse” is another rich piece of work with plenty to get excited about.

It flaunts an effects-filled trap aesthetic, with a murky bottom end and experimental, almost industrial-type rap song. The signature Everist soundscape on “Tonight” comprises of a rich, luscious instrumental built up from the sampling of the eighties hit song, “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, and carefully considered vocal snips which are well-counted for.

Everist’s ability with sampling is also what makes this last track, one of the best moments on the record. However, in general, Jordan Everist’s music is captivating because it  incorporates a wide use of samples, combined with interesting basslines and instrumental arrangements, to create original and beautiful sonic soundscapes; expressive and dynamic, Everist is the perfect accompaniment to an introspective state of solitary contentment.

Though he can turn up the noise when he wants. Synthetic, yet soulful, Jordan Everist has created an integrated and appealing EP which stands out, not as a diversification, but as a progression, from his previous work. Furthermore it’s a FREE DOWNLOAD!


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