Quarter From Tha Valley: “Believe Me” flaunts the lyrical finesse of the emcee

Quarter From Tha Valley is a newly signed emcee to Heat Advisory Records, who has dropped the single “Believe Me” featuring Perelli2 and D Ruck. QFTV is a rapper from the pavements of Kansas City, Missouri, a rapper who is making a name for himself in the hip-hop community by consistently providing thought provoking bars, palpable rap narratives, and a unique style of delivery that differentiates him from the stylistics of many contemporary rappers. He’s take on the hip-hop aesthetic is reminiscent of the old school street dialogues: hard, abrasive, and quick-witted verses that flaunt the lyrical finesse of the emcee.

The quality of Quarter From Tha Valley’s storytelling reveals a deep seated desire to bring hip-hop back to the competitiveness of its lyrical past, if that past can ever be re-obtained. On Layers, “Believe Me” allows his listeners to keep a close ear to every line of his lyrics as he peels back the layers of his street psychology, his earnest artistic ruminations, and his intellect, presenting his newest project as a challenge to the intrepid hip-hop novices and stoic, overconfident old heads of hip-hop’s past.

The single begins with a soulful and bouncy melodic hook, before the sincere rap monologues set. The blend of melodic singing and the low slung abrasive rhyming deliver moments of sheer cliffs and soaring ascensions.

Quarter From Tha Valley introduces his verses with a confident authenticity, dispelling all doubt about the sincerity of his poetics. He channels his personal nature and experiences into something productive, using hip-hop as a platform to vent and find meaning.

The candor of Quarter From Tha Valley’s storytelling is a reminder of the urgency with which some rappers deliver their lyrics to their audiences. For QFTV, as for many other emcees, hip-hop is not just a popular music genre, but a community of artists, fighters, and thinkers, a platform to explore and develop the lost narratives of the street life, and a cultural landscape that considers the livelihood of all peoples.

The production on this track is excellent as well, and the sonic qualities of this beat leaves plenty of room for Quarter From Tha Valley to flaunt his lyrical skill, a great pairing that allows for the talents of all to shine, including Perelli2 and D Ruck.

Despite the trends of today’s hip-hop scenes, despite the popularity of the trap movement, QFTV remains unabashedly true to his own understanding of the art. As “Believe Me” featuring Perelli2 and D Ruck shows, Quarter From Tha Valley is dead set on telling his story, and the surge of trendy rap will not stop him from doing so.


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