Anastasia Solay: “Sounds Of Freedom” – a universal vision of the world

I have to say the track “Sounds Of Freedom” is remarkable. Not only is Anastasia Solay a great singer, she has a very expressive voice, and the distinctive nature of this song is the mood. Every note, every chord, every phrase goes to create a mood and an atmosphere. When you listen to this track you open a doorway to a new world of all-embracing experience. Anastasia has a hauntingly beautiful voice and she sure knows how to express her work in the most melodious way – with a singing style which is a reminiscent of the great Pop, Jazz and Blues singers.

Just like the melody itself, Anastasia does not restrict herself to a single genre, she crosses from one genre to another in the same song which will basically make her work very appealing to most listeners irrespective of which genre they belong to. She comes through like a breath of fresh air in a world of polluted music.

“Sounds Of Freedom” is, without a doubt, one of those rare songs in an ocean of mostly copy-and-paste music that captures the heart and allows one to take a reprieve from the noisy over-computerized world we live in. An exceptional mix of soulful and reflective verses intertwined with enlivening choruses that can both soar and warm your spirits – an ensemble with a wide gamut of emotions that is rarely conveyed in modern music.

The track is highly original with no borrowed phrases from the templates over-rated pop songs, and the orchestration is well varied, well-matched, and evocative of the sense of what she is trying to portray in the piece.

Anastasia’s voice is so lyrical and her words so poetic, that you feel, the song would be just as powerful without any accompanying music at all, to be perfectly honest. It is soothing, passionate, and reverberates with the pure tenderness and unrestrained romanticism that seems to come from a universal vision of the world and her essence of being.

“Sounds Of Freedom” is not blindingly bright, nor profoundly dark – it sits in a curiously comfortable yet edgy place in-between, perhaps a reflection of the slightly polarized lens through which she views the world. And it is awe-inspiring – a song that is a meeting of mind and heart.

The words take on a universal quality, moving outside of the singer, and Anastasia’s voice becomes the central focus, its nooks and crannies explored in many ways. She takes a refined, highly accomplished approach, placing her focus more in the nuance of the phrasing and relying on an innate ability to convey emotions.

Showing a masterful control over her voice, Anastasia Solay is able to belt out when the song or phrase calls for it, but is also largely reliant on the quieter reaches of her voice. With any luck, “Sounds Of Freedom” should mark the beginning of what could easily prove to be a fruitful stylistic and creative path for a very gifted performer.


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