Derek Jordan: “This Will Be My Year” – infectious energy and uplifting narrative

In 2014 Derek Jordan temporarily quit music just as he was about to scale the mountain with his rock band Decoded. The band had just completed a 7,000 mile tour, and performed a sold-out show at the Viper Room while their single “Topanga” was being played on over 120 radio stations. Moreover, the band’s EP “Topanga” had just been released through Diamond Heart Production. Eighteen months later Jordan quit his secure day job, and embarked on a voyage through Europe with his newfound girlfriend, for 6 months. With a drastic life change and his guitar in hand, Derek has set out to release a new original single every month.

“This Will Be My Year is about how you start every year with practically the same resolutions or goals,” says Jordan, continuing: “Only to find yourself slip behind and having to restart and make those same goals year after year. However, you’re tired of the same results and THIS YEAR you swear it’s going to be different!” The pioneering mastermind single-handedly crafted and recorded the song. It’s his soundtrack to his story; though it sounds as if he has a core group of musicians adding their immediacy in the form of a solid rhythm section.

Derek Jordan hits the music industry like a glass of water on a hot summer day. With a refreshing alternative style and sound, it’s hard not to notice the artist. “This Will Be My Year” is clever, quick, and sharp. With the anthemic ‘yeah-yeah’ attitude, along with the crunchy guitar riffs, this would be the best song to put on the end of a work-out playlist, or any event where you want to spike up energy, then slowly wind it down.

Live crowds will love every minute of this track, and will be quick to participate in the clapping, and stomping, while also standing in awe at the impressive talents brought to light by Jordan. It us a great example of a party-crowd-jump-inducing song.

Forging an undeniable, infectious energy, an uplifting narrative, and an encouraging message, there’s no way to hate this song. It’s the soundtrack to your next epiphany. Derek Jordan’s genius lies in his ability to mash and mold music in unexpected ways to create a soundscape that results in a whole which is always greater than the sum of its parts. Yet the song is void of any extravagant pretension or overblown arranging.

In its opening bars “This Will Be My Year” sounds redolent of an emo-pop chart hit. Yet by the time it draws to a close almost 4 minutes later, it has grown and morphed, wriggled and writhed its way into a tight-fitting alternative skin, the resulting rock pulse pounding your ears into comforting submission. As Jordan chants and sings his way through the second half of the song, his voice energetic and melodic in tone and texture, the whole thing is delightfully turned on its head!


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