Skaa: “Better Days” (Prod. Mitch Leman) – abstract imagery and deep reflection!

Skaa is capable of muscling more impressive imagery and vocal dexterity into a single three minute track than many of his peers manage in entire discographies, a one-of-a-kind wordsmith from whom each new release is an invitation to fans to roll up their sleeves and sink their arms into a lyrical treasure trove, eager to find his most subtle work of wordplay or strongest extended simile. For many mainstreamers his highly cerebral flow may be alienating. Ultimately “Better Days” (Prod. Mitch Leman) is a track that will reinforce whatever preconceptions about Skaa you already hold. However, it’s also worth noting that this is most probably the least cryptic and most honest of all his recordings so far.

Skaa is the perennial overachiever: spouting fine-tuned bars of anything from incisive personal commentary to intellectual street philosophy without ever missing a beat. If “Better Days” teaches us anything it’s that putting yourself out there for your art can be risky, but your vision can always be harnessed to create something spellbinding:

“I needed time to readjust until the pain was numb / Been an open canvas and my heart is what I’m painting from / Grinding till the paper comes, we just tryna make a ton / Cost to be a boss I never hesitate to pay the funds.”

“Better Days” (Prod. Mitch Leman) is a chill out type of hip-hop track. It’s not aggressive and rough, it’s more slow paced and Skaa’s voice creates a night club type feel. It is the kind of hip-hop track that you can just put on and let it roll on repeat all day. It’s extremely addicting and soothing. Skaa is a perfect example of laid-back hip-hop music at its finest.

But laid-back doesn’t mean mentally switched off. One of the most powerful things about hip-hop is its ability to present complex, dark, and deeply personal thoughts and feelings. In this track, Skaa takes us on a tour of through his list of hang-ups, demons and dreams in what can only be described as one of the most intense listening experiences that this talented artist has shared with us so far.

This deeply personal track doesn’t just showcase Skaa’s unique penchant for wordplay, as well as a vocabulary which could make even the most seasoned writers jealous; it also takes the listener through a deeply personal narrative, almost stream-of-consciousness, which feels so honest that it’s almost impossible not to relate to it in some way.

It showcases his unparalleled knack for abstract imagery and deep reflection. It’s clear that Skaa has a lot to say, and no shortage of catchy turns of phrase to express himself with.


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