Bag Of Donuts: “And Satan Come Also” a creative post-dubstep exploration!

Glasgow, Scotland-based producer, Bag Of Donuts aka BOD, introduces himself to the world as an eclectic electronic artist reworking the foot stomping headaches of EDM into something far deeper, which can be cataloged loosely under the label of post-dubstep. BOD’s torch songs are journeys into his mind, where metaphysical voices flutter like wandering thoughts or loop like obsessions. It’s the sound of someone figuring out how to come out of their shell, with all the brilliant moments and strange diversions that entails. Tracks like his single “And Satan Come Also” remind us of the producer’s singular gift: his ability to make mind-melting music out of wobbly sounds that glow and fade.

The record grabs at a load of musical threads, from murky trap to delicate electro trash and a reluctant techno pulse. This is far from a vaudevillian pastiche, though; each thread is refracted through Bag Of Donuts’ distinctive prism, fanning out into beams of somber, buoyant, mesmeric electronic music.

Every blip, hum, and ripple is ingeniously designed to keep us all on the right wavelength. All infused with a delicate South Asian flavor on “And Satan Come Also”. This is a creative, emotional exploration of his inspirations, striking in its simplicity yet remarkably engaging, as he creates intensity by first building then scaling back the elements.

Rather than seeming detached and distant, the multifarious and left field nature of “And Satan Come Also” feels immediate and personal, which actually contributes to the communal vibe. The track maintains the simplicity that will attract many audiences who are tired of listening to already abundantly loud and monotonous music.

And perhaps it is the powerful sounds and synergetic composition that allows this song to sound so interesting. Spacey and sometimes unpredictable, “And Satan Come Also” is soothing and comfortable to listen to, notwithstanding its somewhat unconventional post-dubstep arrangement.

Bag Of Donuts utilizes dynamics to build up anticipation. Tight, controlled and repetitive bass lines keep the arrangement constantly moving forward, as BOD adds finer percussive details on top of the rumbling bass, allowing the tension to build up.

The minimal sounds from “And Satan Come Also” seem simple, but its high detail adds subtle complexities. Sometimes less is more, and this track demonstrates exactly that. Most prominently, the fractured indecipherable ethnic exclamations of anonymous voices are entirely relatable.

The background details and subtle changes in the song deliver so much emotion. I felt as if I was having a trippy dream that I could only vaguely recollect in the morning. Nothing could be more indicative of the fact that Bag Of Donuts has found his own range of satisfyingly explorative, electronic music.


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