Raw Webb: “B-Boy Stance” does it with style!

Rashee L. Webb Sr. aka Raw Webb first came into the game as a DJ, but after a few years began expanding his hip-hop artistry and songwriting craft. Webb now brings back the 80’s vibe with his single “B-Boy Stance” taken off the critically acclaimed EP “Toma”. The production attempts to invoke the spirits of the golden era. We all like to rap along to our favorite lyrics of yesteryear, but Raw Webb blurs the line between paying homage to the past and defining himself as a current-day artist. There is little doubt that he can spit, and he could easily fit between a battle rapper/freestyler to a label artist and still put many heads to bed.

At a time in hip-hop culture when there is such an appetite for innovation that fans are turning to fiends, scraping the undersides of their fingernails for whatever slivers of sonic creativity they can find, Raw Webb gives them a fat sack of what they crave, and then some.

In a wave of young bombastic, staccato rappers, Webb emerges with an entirely different game plan. His prodigious lyrics are spellbinding to the point where you might feel like he was personally and directly taking matters up with you.

The beat selection, the cornerstone of any track’s success, is strong on “B-Boy Stance”, and then of all the approaches to production work, Raw Webb raps his ass off the entire time, which makes the whole package an entertaining listen.

From the free association metaphors to the street-level consternation, the artist is focused on bringing his message to the people. It’s a mix of intelligent commentary on culture, current events, and personal anecdotes that add weight to his rhymes.

Many rappers treat hip-hop like a competition to see who can brag about the most extravagant habits, and while this can be highly entertaining, it’s not relatable to most listeners.  What makes “B-Boy Stance” special is that it should click with fans looking for something real, and it does it with style.

There is a heartfelt sincerity to Raw Webb’s music that few rappers have, and while that doesn’t always equate to huge sales, it does help to build a die-hard fan base, which is the key to longevity in the game.

I also gather from listening to some more tracks that Raw Webb is angry at the world for its wrong doings, so when he hits the booth it’s probably to vent his frustrations with the system. Hence his passion pushes him to excel at what he does, and this deadly combination reaches its apex on “B-Boy Stance”.

You can see Raw Webb’s powerful ideas, and where they are going, as well as strong glimmers of his mighty potential on this track. So let’s hang around and see what happens when the dude eventually kicks into hyper-drive!



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