e – “not even her” (ft rAdeThePiper) – melds charisma and creativity

Give merit for e’s refusal to conform, as he combines elements such as jazz, hip hop, RnB, and lo-fi into his blend of music. Whereas a plethora of other rappers lean into the continued proliferation of druggy trap or trans-global pop, e takes a sharp left on the surprise single “not even her (ft rÁdeThePiper)”, doubling down on his instincts, his drive, and his singular artistic vision of quirky and creative rap that aspires to intrigue its listeners as much as challenge their notions of what rap should sound like in 2018. And take into consideration that the rapper and musician from Dublin, Ireland, is only sixteen years old. But his repertoire is closer to that of a seasoned veteran than a young upstart.

e’s music is full of thought provoking motifs; his anecdotes and mannerisms may be esoteric, but the lessons he’s learned and the emotions he expresses are universal at it shows on “not even her (ft rÁdeThePiper)”. To be frank, e is a very intriguing rapper.

He makes some pretty good music. His beats do not sound the same and he has a wide variety of vocabulary in his lyrics, making them all flow together smoothly. The sounds backing e and his songs are often well thought arrangements, but there’s an improvisational spirit that pushes through each song, giving it a personal dimension.

On “not even her (ft rÁdeThePiper)” the song melds a stalwart harmony section with the gentle wails of a female voice which brings the stew to a simmer over crisp snares, beating with allegro flair against a melancholic background. This varied soundscape keeps e on his toes, giving him infinite ways to twist his thoughts and his voice into the lyrical phrases he’s so devoted to.

The song builds around carefully arranged parallels. “So I ask myself if I hate it then why do I do it. If she really trusts me then how did she lose it? I sit by my phone, and go I was just waiting, on your text or your call, oh please girl I’m praying.” The arc of the story is entirely predictable, but the journey is riveting as hell.

The melody and lyrics serves a very specific purpose: reach your heartstrings. Now, this isn’t much of a surprise, but it makes e’s music feel so personal and real. And you get the notion that even if his lines were absolute garbage, his nonchalant charisma and delivery would still carry the project.

One of the most compelling things about e as a rapper is the elasticity of his voice: he can do tongue-tied and dense, soft and contemplative, or simply a conversational murmur. Overall “not even her (ft rÁdeThePiper)” is a very strong project from a dude that is still very much in his teens!


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