Lady Cam: “Bald Head” brings the heat

After her acclaimed 2017 projects, Lady Cam bounces into 2018 with a band new anthem for the ladies entitled “Bald Head”, which promises to encourage all women to recognize their self-worth. Over lush keyboards and a banging beat, the Baton Rouge based rapper, Camille L. Blouin aka Lady Cam shows off her cultural sense and her lyrical prowess simultaneously with an effortless delivery. Exhibiting her characteristically breezy, spitfire raps alongside stupefying simple hooks the song radiates with an infectious palpability, setting her apart from her contemporaries.

There’s a lighthearted nature on first impression, in part due to the grace with which the lyrics are carried through the air, but this is owed to Lady Cam’s skill. There’s obviously a genius capacity involved in crafting this song the way she does. There’s no bullshit and no pretentious snobbery. The song is not overblown and the simplicity is well executed.

“Bald Head” gets started with a serious bang, thanks to an energetic opening verse. Before Lady Cam even gets the verbal party truly started, the punch – the oomph – is established.  Expectedly, she brings the heat.  Lady Cam has an excellent flow, not to mention an ideal tone of voice that’s perfectly suited to spitting bars.

The Dallas born rapper shines bright like a diamond on “Bald Head”. The production is superb, and the vocals are awesome. There really are no glaring cons to be found here – Lady Cam is doing the damn thing. In an era where female rappers are practically nonexistent, the game really needs Lady Cam right now.

“Bald Head”, separates her from the other females spitting hard-edged rhymes. While some rap on fitting in and others spits explicit sexual references, Lady Cam knows she’s solidifying her place in the underground rap world and has a rhyme-worthy booty to match.

If you really think about it there aren’t that many significant female rappers out there. It seems it might be harder for a new female emcee to earn the love her male counterparts get. Face it; Hip-hop is picky about its female side. It’s hard to find that complete package of skills, looks, charisma and of course, sincerity.

Lady Cam sounds like a seasoned hip-hop vixen who can takes control of the mic and her place in the hip-hop panoramic. She can rhyme surprisingly fast without resorting to simplistic patterns and then she can flip the program to go slow at will.

“Bald Head” finds Lady Cam offering words of inspiration, and her outspoken sincerity is a highlight, as well as her ability to carry her message across without sounding ponderous and obligatory. This latest offering works as a well-rounded look at both, Lady Cam’s bold mindset and her complete skill-set.



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