Die Robot: “Technopunk” claims its spot on the electro-industrial circuit!

Portland, Oregon based band, Die Robot, combines hard anthem beats, well-conceived lyrics, emotional vocals, captivating rhythms and an underlying deep, driving synth sound. They are claiming a spot as one of the elites in the Electronic Industrial Rock circuit. You’ll love the way the singer lets no note passively go by and puts all his effort into the verses and choruses- whether it’s a melody or a growl.  Either throwing your defiant fist in the air or approvingly bobbing your head to the beat, their latest EP “Technopunk” will make your body move; especially the high energy songs like “Armed Forces” and “Human Eyes”. Vince Christian (lead vocals), Barbie Saint (bass, guitar, synths), Angela Johnson (drums) and Uriel (keyboards) prove that they take their music seriously and weren’t just out to throw out another recording for the sake of it. This is an incredible EP and will be praised by anyone who enjoys the electro and industrial scenes, in any combination.

This is truly one of the finest underground Electronic Industrial Rock recordings around right now. It’s hard, melodic, danceable and uncompromising. Here, Die Robot have canalized all their strengths onto one breathtaking record. If the songs on “Technopunk” don’t convince you, then the genre isn’t your thing. What the listener gets when they start the opening track, “Armed Forces” is not some happy tribute to a future utopia with monotone vocals however.

Die Robot offers a hard look at the reality around us with wonderfully angry vocals and somewhat dark synths. Anger is something that many Industrial bands have woven into their music, but what Die Robot uses is more subtle than simple curse laden lines.

This subtly proves to be a high-point of the EP, leading the listener to wonder what the next track might hold. Of course, there is much more to this EP than just anger and heavy riffs: the melodically sound “Beautiful Skin” is a standout moment and brings a hefty amount of infection to its execution.

Credit is largely due to how the synths and Vince Christian’s vocals work synergistically to bring optimum results. The EP’s production is without needless fanfare and benefits from it immensely. It allows the weighty four-piece to shine without trickery.

The appeal of Die Robot’s work is often kind of transparent, in that the stuff that makes it hit home isn’t necessarily what is most obvious about it. Things like song craft and arrangement, or being able to write consistent lyrical metaphors aren’t necessarily the first strengths that people might use to describe the band’s allure, but they’re certainly among the traits that set Die Robot’s apart from many of their contemporaries.

Die Robot’s songs have the sense of being written, rather than assembled from disparate loops and sequences, and similarly the lyrics are composed to convey meaning above other concerns. “Beautiful Skin” is the epitome of the aforementioned statements. Not as hard and dark as the other tracks, this song is probably the most accessible and radio ready cut on the compilation, and will endear itself to a vast audience.

“Virtual Life” plays as a more insistent hard-edged club-oriented number, but it’s the way the track shuffles its melody between synth leads and vocals that give it the movement to match its BPM. These sorts of details might be the particulars that leap out at the casual listener, and they make all the difference in “Technopunk’s” overall experience.

Die Robot’s style continues to build on its prior efforts while still evolving, resulting in a mature electronic sound that is both relatable and driving. They also add the remixes of “Armed Forces” and “Human Eyes”, to bring some more distinct variety to the EP.

Die Robot released an exclusive Technopunk USB Key EP for their show with Stabbing Westward. Including four new songs from the upcoming album, remixes and live videos. The band may also be selecting a record label for the upcoming full album “TECHNOPUNK” TBA very soon. Die Robot will be on their West Coast Tour with ManifestiV during May 2018. The band will also be appearing at the Northwest Industrial/Goth Festival – PIG FEST during 10-11-12 August.


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