Thirteen Year Old Rapper Edeggo drops “What You Need”

Hip-hop has always been a youthful genre: From the earliest days of parties in the Bronx, to the current era of YouTube videos and Instagram posts, teenagers have been quietly driving the genre forward. With their disregard for tradition, brash confidence and wide-eyed excitement, teenagers tend to be at the forefront of the culture, often sparking it’s most exciting—and often most controversial—trends. Not only are they the ones consuming the culture, teenagers are often the ones making it. Over the years, teen performers have been responsible for some of rap’s biggest hits—almost every major rapper in the ’80s, from Run DMC to Rakim, released their first songs as teenagers.

In some cases, age was a convenient marketing gimmick, in others it was merely incidental to a blossoming talent. Hence we should not be surprised by Edeggo, who has dropped the track “What You Need”. Though, to be honest, 13 is as young as any teenage rapper can ever be!

Unlike so many other young artists who challenge the norms and lean toward experimental, challenging and sometimes controversial sounds to make an impact, Edeggo pretty much sticks to the mainstream route  with a slightly trap influenced groove and an offhand, nonchalant flow.

If you’re looking for a gruesome crime-infested story about a mother selling crack, a father getting shot in a parking lot, and a brother caught stealing from the junkyard, then look elsewhere. Edeggo has a slightly different angle on teenage life here, affronting the more personal thematics of his generations.

“What You Need” maintains an outlook that is relatable to so many young people with dreams and aspirations, in romance and prosperity, while growing up. Unlike in the outside world, where tremendous wealth or power conveys social status, school hallways often have more unpredictable, down-to-earth signifiers: maybe a cool pair of shoes, the ability to hangout with the most wanted girl in the house, or be the best spitter on the block, etc.  Edeggo probably appreciates the best of both worlds, so he knows “What You Need” to be happy.

Edeggo is able to craft a booming rap cut, a melodic love song, and an interesting statement on the makings of youth social status, within a sound that’s as smooth as honey. Edeggo certainly has the primary tools to improve and build his craft.

He’s a thoughtful lyricist, and a talented rapper who can turn simple words into vivid storytelling. But more importantly, at just 13 years of age, he has all the time in the world to perfect these things – something his peers are all but running out of!


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