Renzo: “Whatever You Like” ft. Furious Pablo fits the current landscape

Lorenzo Dorder aka Renzo, was born in the Netherlands in a town called Spijkenisse. He didn’t start doing music until 2017 because of his shyness, but thanks to a good friend he got over it and started performing. Renzo is currently promoting his debut single, “Whatever You Like” featuring Furious Pablo and produced by Supremo. The greatest artists of all time are good stewards to their gifts.

They curate their work carefully. They don’t rest easy on raw talent. They push themselves. They constantly aspire to more. They command respect by earning it and serving it. But greatness also radiates from even the smallest gestures and details. Renzo shows flashes of this potential on his track. He stays in his lane delivering a, smooth easy-listening track, which you can chill or groove to.

On “Whatever You Like”, Renzo oscillates between adult contemporary, modern R&B and Pop. His vocals are hushed, easygoing, and soulful.  The track from sports a bass line that invites listeners to roll the windows down and turn the volume up.

The tune melds Jones’ buttery voice that has the right mix of exuberance and sexy mischief to tell the intimate story of youth at the height of their partying powers. The imagery and metaphors Renzo employs on the track, gives the tune the understated urgency and passion it needs to keep a smooth momentum.

Pretty much capturing the zeitgeist of the times, “Whatever You Like” is a track that features sensitivity and swagger, which both seem to come naturally to Renzo. It is a snake charming track infused with light doses of sentimentality, lust and playfulness.

Showing that when the artist infuses his personality and bits of his personal narrative into a song, he excels. The music behind the storytelling lyrics is on a continual swell, without rising to a crescendo, but never settling down. Hence the song balances on the edge of its drama, teetering forward along a vibrant path of finger snapping rhythm.

The background vocals and rapped verse, layered as they are, seem to egg Renzo on, like mischievous angels on his shoulder supporting each moment of the song’s delight.  As a producer, Supremo does a strong job, making the song uncluttered and crisp.

Inasmuch as “Whatever You Like” ft. Furious Pablo fits the current landscape, it also stands high on the list production-wise, and is distinguishable from the crowd. That, along with his ability to convey sincerity and to develop intense, intimate storytelling details, is a talent Renzo should continue to hone.


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