Floris Boere: “Journey” – a gentle stream of glistening notes

NYC based pianist / composer Floris Boere combines his love for piano and production into tantalizing tranquility through the use of repetitive motifs and smooth melodies. His new record “Journey” is recorded on just one piano. Floris uses very simple melodies and hooks in this solo recording and it is genius. I enjoy this solo work much more than other full instrumentation albums that tend to wash-out the woodsy resonance and intimacy captured by solo piano. The artist plays some divine piano here, in fact its love at first note, and as far as I can tell there isn’t anyone out there who likes soft, soothing music that would not love this EP. It is silky cool and sparkling and yes it’s addictive.

“Journey” is composed of only six tracks, but they are pretty fulfilling in their scope and they all develop into languidly passionate pieces. This music is just lovely to put on after a long day at work whether you are relaxing at home, having a romantic meal with your loved one or even doing some odd jobs.

It melts tension away and even at times can bring a gentle tear to your eye depending to what imagery you link the music to. Lush, melodious, and hypnotic in its sensitivity, this is classic freestyle piano that is rich in spontaneous melodies and outstanding in its continuity of simple joy, elegance, and grace.

Floris Boere’s playing is like a gentle stream of glistening notes dancing on and on, nicely blending elements of neo-classical, ambient and new age. The tempo is largely moderate and it delivers everything you want from this kind of music. It is gentle, lighthearted, reassuring, and comforting.

Early on some Sunday morning, maybe just after sunrise, right before the world around you starts coming back to life, go sit out on the porch or patio, load “Journey” into your iPod, stick in your earphones, lean back and prop up your feet. Close your eyes and sip your morning coffee and listen to Floris Boere playing. Then be taken away to someplace magical.

Floris has created magic with this album. The piano is powerful, moving, but not intrusive or overpowering. Listen to the EP in its entirety – best in one sitting. Take time out of the day and just savor this recording – it’s that good.

If you consider yourself a music lover and are drawn into the quiet many times in your life, desiring solace and peace. This is what you could listen to. Floris’ songs are perfect when you have too many loose meanings wandering around in your head. Simple but very smart, this could be music considered to be something to meditate with.

Particularly beautiful are the EP’s opening two tracks – “Exploration” and “Himalayan Mountains”. Floris Boere seems to play with such a delicate but confident touch that makes it seem deceptively easy. “The Path” and “Cycle of Life” display an infinite beauty in their melodic development.  Verdict: If you like New Age music, grab this EP. If you like piano music, grab this EP. Heck, if you like music at all, grab this EP.


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