Freematic: “User Allusion” navigates through various sounds and rhythms

“User Allusion” is a VLT (Very Long Track) by experimental electronic artist, Freematic. A ‘Very Long Track’ is an Ep or album length project, made up of one single track only.  “When you chop things up into small chunks and then mix them all together, something special happens,” says Freematic, continuing: “Things are more free than a traditional songwriting paradigm. On a symbolic level I see this method as showing the ability to arrive at complex meaning by using simple elements such as chance and artistic intention.” New and unique music is always the result of new and unique occurrences. I think this may possibly be one of the most difficult records to describe to someone who has never heard it, it is very much like a wonderful dream. Sometimes warm, soaring and totally grounded, while at other times it will sound sparing, psychedelic and without any restriction.

If you’re unfamiliar with Freematic’s music you may be waiting for me to point out specific parts or specific elements that are either exceptional or boring, but you can’t do that with this sort of project. This type of music only truly stands out when taken as a whole listening experience, not extracting individual little pieces. It requires a lot of attention on the part of the listener to allow them to become fully absorbed in the ever-changing vibe and nature of the music.

It requires listeners to simply let go of conventional song structures and allow their heads to hypnotically move to the beat while the various sounds, samples and voices swirl in out and out their speakers, and subsequently, their conscious thoughts; only then can this release be truly appreciated.

Freematic is one of those electronic artists that start off in one way and then descends into a black hole of meanderings, drawing you, the listener along with him, into segments that sound spacey, cosmic, bubbly and even straight-forward. This Very Long Track may seem random; however, it attains a rich natural and alluvial sound within its spacey framework.

“User Allusion” is extremely engaging with a unique natural-sounding rhythm and every little ambient sound and detail being perfectly executed and beautifully atmospheric. While one would think that a track this long would get boring and repetitive after a few minutes, this just gets better and better as it evolves and transforms itself.

Compiled with a massive, almost 24 minute song length, many transitions and different instruments swimming in the sound, it is no surprise that this VLT is going to gain an audience; an audience that will have the patience to accept this beautiful eccentric recording – and have it swim around in their thoughts.

Even though the track navigates through various sounds and rhythms, it manages to stay consistent and relevant to an overall mood and feeling. Again, it may take many listens to fully appreciate and completely adore it, so I am imploring you to do so.

MORE ABOUT: Freematik is a California-based music producer and comic creator. In 2010 with iMatik he caught the world’s attention with an album made completely with an iPhone. In 2012 with Hustlevania he made possibly the ultimate hip-hop Halloween anthem and music video. In 2014 he began the motion comic Dark Moon series. He met Myka 9 as part of the making of the original Dark Moon soundtrack and went on to produce an album with him in 2017 called Teleported, which received a warm reception on college radio. Teleported 2 is planned for late 2018 and will continue Freematik’s collaboration with Myka 9.




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