Caglar Ekinci: “Rain Over Me” – high concept music-making

Alternative rock and pop artist, Caglar Ekinci was born in Istanbul Turkey, and moved to London UK in 2017. He has been playing guitar for 15 years and has been singing for over 10 of those. Currently working on his new album, “Rain Over Me” is Caglar’s first English language single. The track clearly shows potential. It has some neat ideas, good experimentation and is something just that bit different in the current musical climate. Caglar Ekinci really shines through on this track and there is a sense of intensity and emotion about his vocals that fits well, in combination with the atmospheric adrenalin pumping music. The alternative artist is as ambitious and equally indulgent in high concept music-making injected with a broad array of stylistic influences.

“Rain Over Me” is anthemic stuff made for fully packed arenas, and works best if the listener generously gives themselves over to the spirit of the thing — all throttle, power, wantonness and edgy intensity. The great drive this track puts out when you hear it is impressive.

If you need some type of inspiration that you know you can get from an artist that keeps you going, listen to Caglar Ekinci. He is one of the most balanced newcomer, underground rockers around. He keeps a strong emphasis on lyrics, melody and vocals, while still having an insatiable musical backbone filled with crunch and grit.

“Rain Over Me” really is quite impressive, exceeding expectations for somebody on the debut English language track. This music on this track is just the right blend of guitar-driven rock with hints of electronic elements, to put it squarely in the modern rock arena.

I found this song as compelling and interesting as anything by Muse, The Killers or even The Strokes for that matter. So if you’re into any of those bands, you’ll definitely have an ear ready for Caglar Ekinci. From the catch-in the-voice repetition of the chorus to the urgency of the guitar lines, there’s a definite confidence in Caglar’s musical stance.

Over the years, Caglar has clearly taken the time and effort to learn and develop his songwriting into a tight, ear-catching sound. And on “Rain Over Me” ha has brought out everything that is great about those skills – the soaring melody, the acute arrangement, and the intricate layered sounds found throughout.

Added to the brilliant production, the sum of the total is equal to a very powerful and honest all-round performance from Caglar Ekinci.  With this track the ambitious Turkish artist sets the bar for himself and future releases. “Rain Over Me” stands as a gorgeous technicolor introduction to a sound that melds together bombastic choruses with charged instrumentation and gentler moments nestled among the verses.


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