Big Willie: “Trip Party” Ft Young Bizzy From the Album “JukeBox”

Willie Murphy a.k.a. Big Willie resides In Florida. At a tender age, Willie Murphy started to mold himself as a producer by making beats. With the support of his family, and the persuasion of his own heart, as well as some important figures in his life, Big Willie turned to music. Focused on everything from Rap to Pop and R&B he eventually developed the knowledge and experience which led to the creation of his own independent production company JUKE ENT Inc. “Trip Party” Ft Young Bizzy, is the brand new Big Willie single taken from the upcoming album “JukeBox”. One of the biggest takeaways from listening to “Trip Party” is how strong Big Willie is when he’s collaborating with other artists. He has a knack for manipulating his style and molding it so it works most effectively with his guest. Big Willie also proves to be one of the most underrated in the rap game when it comes to weaving catchy harmonies into lyrical raps.

While the industry still tries to find a sense of direction, Big Willie manages to make a good track with awesome production combined with solid lyricism. It’s obviously poppy, with its EDM soundscape and catchy melody, but that is exactly what Big Willie wanted this track to be –  a clever little club banger.

It is massive, clean, effective and totally polished. For me, it’s what makes the track such a success as a modern rap recording. Recommended to casual fans and die-hards who don’t mind a bit of a pop vibe. And let’s be honest, this is just a whole lot of fun to listen to anyway.

Furthermore, Big Willie is blessed with a gift for clear language, rarely missing his point and delivering his thoughtful lines with flinty disdain. Big Willie employs a mixture of all the aspects that have helped him grow with a plethora of new features to really wow his audience.

Hip-hop is often alienated from other types of music by fans: fans of other styles may not like it and, sadly, rap fans are almost always close-minded, when the genre crosses into other styles. A good tip for listening to adventurous music like this, is to not think of it as strictly rap, just as music. Because regardless of how you define music, this is one rap track that will fit into that definition somewhere.

Now more than ever, it’s important for music fans of all genres to band together and separate the good music from the crap that makes up most of today’s charts, and Willie Murphy a.k.a. Big Willie gives you a great opportunity to do just that with “Trip Party” Ft Young Bizzy.

He has risen through the underground ranks by way of his releases, endless promotion, and pure talent, and continues to do so, forging his own unique style and creating his own lane. If you’re looking for music with a good Saturday night vibe and artistic flair, then this is the kind of record you tell all your friends about and spread the word.



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