Rockwell & Vincent (Ft. Lorenzo Iannotti) “You Were There” – an epic atmosphere

When guitarist/bassist Tony Vincent, and drummer, programmer/keyboardist Paul Rockwell, join forces with singer Lorenzo Iannotti and Michelle Schembri-Lipscombe – a Melbourne based songwriting team – the chances you will be hearing a gorgeously epic pop-rock tune like “You Were There”, is not only on the cards, it’s a surefire thing. The music for the song was composed by Vincent and Rockwell, who also produced, mixed and mastered the project, while Lorenzo and Michelle carved out the lyrics.

Rockwell & Vincent

The synths bring a generous heaping of lushness here while underneath the hood a steady drumbeat and a piano motif carries Lorenzo’s potent tenor which conveys colors that stretch across the entire palette. The crunchy guitar lines are not far behind, sustaining and building the epic 80’s atmosphere of arena-ready melodic rock.

“You Were There” is just one glorious verse and chorus after another, but that isn’t the only thing that makes this track so extraordinary. It’s the intelligent musical bed that drives the song and the contrast of unexpected twists and a quite varied palette of organic-sounding instrumentation that all end up in the same place – melodic rock bliss.

Lorenzo Iannotti does an amazing job singing and compliments well with the spider-web notes and melodies that are running through the guitar and keyboard work. Rockwell & Vincent are bringing back the huge guitar sound, and believe me, every note that you hear is intentional and well crafted. The song and chord progressions build up and the chorus hits you in the chest like a huge wall.

Lorenzo Iannotti

Rockwell & Vincent have outdone themselves on this recording, but the skeptic could argue that they are simply playing to their strengths and there is nothing new about this sound. You could not be more wrong. Rockwell & Vincent  have perfected their sound, honed it to sonic brilliance, and are laying doing hooks, choruses and melodies that not only remind you of the legendary days of melodic rock.

But also serve as a gateway to the new generation on the joys of grandiose musical journeys and expression. The songwriting compared with a great sound and amazing ‘loose and live’ production value makes this recording a joy to listen to.

Add to that, the carefully pondered lyrics by Lorenzo and Michelle, which brings across the message of honest solidarity, true friendship and homages the people who are really there for you through both the good and bad times in life. “You Were There” is the sort of song that if someone asks you why you love Melodic Rock you could simply play it to them.

It starts with a sparse lonesome synth threaded through a wonderfully plaintive piano and vocal from Lorenzo Iannotti before the build starts the pace up, the guitars flood in and the harmonies sweep you up, it’s like a flash flood that gathers you up and points you skyward. Huge, uplifting and sweet as sugar syrup, this is Rockwell & Vincent, and Lorenzo Iannotti at their best!

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