Keem Stonez: “Summertime” – the confident groove of a veteran

If you didn’t know who Keem Stonez was before, then you most certainly will get to know him from his latest single “Summertime”, taken off his upcoming “The Kickback” project. Many people will compare Keem’s style to the likes of Trey Songz, Tory Lanez, Bryson Tiller or even Drake. However those who’ve been listening to the singer/rapper’s other songs, know that he has always sounded this way. For those who want to get a deeper understanding of what Keem is about, I’d suggest listening through his catalog of tracks on Soundcloud. I’d say he’s an artist that knows how to adapt and evolve. He has his own sound if you listen carefully.

He’s obviously been influenced over the years by amazing artists and experiences which have helped him grow and learn more about his craft, as here on “Summertime”, he forges the smooth and confident groove of a veteran.

Keem Stonez does two things well; flip the R&B hits-of-the-90’s sound, into 21st Century contemporary urban-sounding material that maintain the same charm and wonder, as well as proficiently rap/sing with a fluid and mellifluous tone that rivals his peers in the same lane.

Everything falls into place on “Summertime”, making it one hell of a slow burner, while maintaining its airy fixture and infectious chorus even if you’ve heard it a million times. The track captures Keem’s range when it comes to love, women and his lifestyle, at its most poetic and innocent as well as at its most sensuous and adult.

Whether or not you enjoy Keem Stonez personality, style or all-round aesthetic, his music proves to be equal parts infectious and well-crafted, qualities that many artists’ making similar music lack.

“Summertime” is one of the year’s most solid new underground releases, ushering in a wave of fresh talent and bold artists ready to put forward their own personal testament towards a climb to credibility. It is clear right from the opening bars that Keem’s confidence is sky high on this project, as he effortlessly flips between vivid observation and unapologetic introspection.

This coupled with the atmospheric production help to make the whole listening experience cinematic. This is a project which showcases some very cohesive story-telling. I think it achieves exactly what Keem planned to achieve. Also, in my eyes, he solidifies his position as a talented artist with “Summertime”. This is a lot more polished and targeted to the masses. You can find Keem Stonez’ music on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.


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