Dia Grover: “Got A Love Song” ft. J1Hitmaker – earnest and emotional

Fame is a strange thing. There are people who deserve to be far more acclaimed then they are, and there are people who are way more famous than they...

Fame is a strange thing. There are people who deserve to be far more acclaimed then they are, and there are people who are way more famous than they should be. But then there’s another, rarer class of artist. These are artists who are successful by every important measure, except one; they just aren’t famous. They could walk down the street and go unnoticed, even though they’re releasing song’s that should playing on every radio in the city. Why aren’t these people famous? I don’t think even God knows. The reason I’ve been thinking about this category of artist, is because of Dia Grover. Despite an impressive catalog, the R&B artist from Mississippi is still not known as a household name. Dia does earnest, emotional and sexy R&B with the best of them, which is why I can’t figure out why he’s not on the famous list just yet.

Today lines seem to be blurred on what is considered R&B and who is considered an ‘R&B’ artist. In the pool of singers who are labeled with the R&B tag, there are only a few who rightfully represent the title—and one of those is Dia Grover.

In a world where true emotions are masked, it is great to hear the pouring-out of ones heart in the truest form, and that is something Dia Grover dishes out in large helpings on his latest track, “I Got A Love Song” ft. J1Hitmaker. Continuing on his path of breaking the embellished shell that has covered the core of pure homemade R&B, Dia releases his antidote for music’s infirmity with this track.

As Dia weeds his way through a conformed industry who praises counterfeit R&B and subconsciously imitates artificial makings of the genre, the Mississippi crooner bridges the gap between the genre’s natural art form and its now diluted configuration.

Spearheading the revival of credible genuine R&B, he baptizes the industry with a soulful gem such as “I Got A Love Song”. Dia symbolically takes each listener by the hand leading them to the promise land of genuine rhythm and blues here.  The intensity of the song’s storyline is matched by the smoothness of the song’s musical tone adding an interesting element to the arrangement.

As an early warning, “I Got A Love Song” produces symptoms of uncontrollable head bobbing and finger snapping that may become a habitual reflex throughout the entire song. This infectious track shows that a slow burning club record can possess elegance and finesse.

The transformative tune has such a euphoric presentation to the ear as it covers the underlying storyline of wanting to put his lover in the mood. The beautiful tune possesses a carefree vibe that makes you want to explore love at its deepest level willing to take any risks for the profound emotion. “I Got A Love Song” is sure to be a fan favorite because of its natural appeal.

Even though sticking to authentic R&B these days poses risks of less recognition and less charted records, Dia Grover values genuine R&B over stats, numbers and recognition. Though he has yet to become a household name, his quality music, witnessed with this track, will sooner or later reign over all.


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    Very Nice! Good clean jamming music! Blessings to you

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