Dominic Owen: “Dope Pusha” – another amazing delicacy!

Instrumental singles were big business in the 1970s even though this was the height of the singer-songwriter era. Eleven vocal-less tracks shot all the way to No. 1 on...

Instrumental singles were big business in the 1970s even though this was the height of the singer-songwriter era. Eleven vocal-less tracks shot all the way to No. 1 on Billboard, and a good many others lodged firmly in the Top 10. Producer, Engineer, Writer and DJ, Dominic Owen takes his cue from that noble era to unleash another fine set of retro flavored remixes. Taken from the “Big Band Theory” album. The track “Dope Pusha” has been remixed into three different and unique flavors. The Love Theme step up with a chilled down smoky version, Dominic Owen’s “Funk Explosion Mix” is a up-tempo energetic piece of funky soul inspired by the grimy sound and feel of New York in the 1970s, and for all the Disco fans who like a smooth beat “Bad Bikini” come through with a laid back but stomping four to the floor club treat.

Like true gourmet chef with an infinite supply of exotic spices and ingredients, the mastermind producer has crafted another amazing delicacy. My first impression, probably like that of many reviewers, was that this was business as usual for Owen. But there’s something to be said for that.

This producer challenges himself to constantly enrich and inform his aesthetic, reaching further and expanding his repertoire of styles and source material. The fact that he doesn’t look like he is trying is a testament to how good he is.

“Dope Pusha” builds on what he has learned, ambitiously stretches, and ultimately succeeds. All three remixes are smooth, atmospheric and perfect grooves for late-night moonlit drives across rural highways.

As a long-time Dominic Owen fan, the release of a new musical set from this guy always has me waiting with two feelings: will he produce another gem or release something destined to sit in the shadows of earlier, greater efforts? In short, I’m amazed at his ability to one-up himself every single time.

“Dope Pusha” is simply delicious from start to finish. Many artists thrive in relative obscurity on producing the kind of instrumental stuff you put into the media player when it’s time to chill or groove; in this far-reaching genre though, Dominic Owen towers above all others. He is a master at this, and puts together EP’s and albums that leave me wondering time and time again, how on earth can he top himself?

In many ways, it was the 1970s that marked the dawn of the modern era in music technology, applying and refining the developments of earlier decades while also laying the foundations of the techniques and styles that would follow. If anything exists in music today, there’s a good chance it could be considered ’70s retro.

With that in mind “Dope Pusha” takes on an even more important significance as a direct testimony and ode to the sounds and technology of that era. The minute you press play on “Dope Pusha – (Dominic Owen Funk Explosion Remix)”, you are whipped back to the funky sounds of 40 years ago.

Dominic Owen is an electronic artist that sounds anything but electronic. His sounds and samples are authentic, organic sounding elements that blend into stupefying original soundscapes. He makes well-crafted songs, packed with multiple hook lines, and allows the music to go where it needs to go.

These aforementioned sentiments can be replicated for “Dope Pusha – (The Love Theme Remix)” and “Dope Pusha – (Bad Bikini Remix)”, as none of these tracks lose their core identity or intrinsic authenticity in the remixing process. Once again Dominic Owen demonstrates a grandeur and stylistic prowess that remains all but peerless in today’s saturated world of electronic production.

Having built a justifiably outstanding reputation for delivering beautifully produced electronic music, Dominic Owen moves up another gear on the creativity stakes with this “Dope Pusha” set.


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