Eli Cooper: “Smoke Strong” flexes his pen game and gritty style

Born in Moultrie Georgia, raised in LaGrange Georgia and lived in Newnan Georgia for a little while before moving to Texas, Eli Cooper aka Eli_28™ has been rapping since he was 14. His influences include a cross-section of artists such as Andre 3000, Lil Wayne, Camouflage, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Tupac, Kevin Gates, Lil Boosie and Young Jeezy. His latest release is the single “Smoke Strong”, engineered by Shockwavv.

Clearly not satisfied with simply being a local success, Eli Cooper looks to branch out and become a bigger name in hip hop. His new single is a great effort to improve on his current status. What is to be admired on this recording is how Cooper is the focal point, displaying his lyrical ability strongly while at the same time positioning the song perfectly as a street-turn up vibe.

This record really finds its niche. It allows Eli Cooper to flex his pen game and smooth flow with a very strong hook that bridges his verses perfectly. If you are just looking for one new song for the car when you are cruising the highway, this would be it.

“Smoke Strong” is a hustling anthem that sounds like it belongs in any club during peak hours. While it is not overly complicated in how it is put together, it does not need to be. Cooper speeds up the flow in the middle of the record while the beat is just ridiculous catchy.

The overall vibe of the song allows your mind to unleash its wings. Burning good weed while having this on play mode will certainly enhance the listening experience. Eli Cooper isn’t going to overwhelm you with super witty wordplay like many commercial rappers.

Instead he keeps it real and speaks from his heart on his records with a classic flow. He sets the tone in the opening verses on “Smoke Strong” rapping in an urgent and confident way. He is great at evoking a wide range of human emotions in music like anger, anguish and joy.

Cooper’s raps are filled with complex thoughts and emotions almost as if he is in a confessional releasing all of his thoughts on his records. This much is also evident on his other single “Talk 2 Em”, where he provocatively lays his thoughts bare.

Overall, “Smoke Strong” proves that Eli Cooper aka Eli_28™ is definitely an artist to watch. His gritty style of storytelling is appealing and doesn’t overwhelm listeners, while also displaying a certified depth. This is a great starting point for listeners looking to introduce themselves to Cooper’s music.


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