Zay’Marie: “Throwback” brings new verve to the classics

Zay’Marie is a singer/songwriter with a passion for soul, pop, and R&B music. An artist, and natural hair enthusiast based in Atlanta, GA. As a child, she began singing at her grandfather’s church, this foundation and many other influencers have helped her to develop her unique sound. Zay plays guitar, writes her own music, dances, produces, and obviously sings. First of all, Zay’Marie voice is as crisp and smooth as her peers, whose songs she so sweetly wraps up into a smoldering medley called “Throwback”.  The track is made up of extracts from ‘So Into You’ (Tamia), ‘Doesn’t Really Matter’ (Janet Jackson), ‘Come Close’ (Common, Mary J Blige), ‘Me and Those Dreaming Eyes of Mine’ (D’Angelo), Fallen (Mya), ‘Why Don’t We Fall In Love’ (Amerie) and ‘I Love Your Smile’ (Shaniece).


Zay’Marie’s performances has plenty of richness to it and her tone is one of the best in the underground R&B world. Add to that the lush and sensual production and the result is exquisite. Aided by Joshua Troutman on drums and Jerrell Melton III on piano, the production and recording by Al Hoskins from AL_so_hd Films, provides a warm atmosphere and Zay’Marie’s crooning is just scorching.

The opening is an example of the sexy side of hers, one that pushes her to convincingly explore both her higher and lower registers. She then moves into a sweet rhythm before her passionate vocal serenading breaks free giving us a few falsetto moments over an energetic piano run.

The short track switches keeps the song fresh and tight. There is no room for filler, or too many overwhelming vocal theatrics, as Zay’Marie gifts us with a powerful performance that is both controlled and understated.

“Throwback” is a great track not necessarily because it’s about experimenting or bringing new elements to the classic table, but because the singer stays true to herself, and to the artists whose songs she is interpreting.

She proves that even staying in the comfort zone and not recklessly trying to change the original vocal interpretations can lead to surprising results, as long as there is something to be said and the execution is right.

The main themes of the medley are love and relationships, which Zay’Marie handles with candor and grace, never going over the top. It would be very easy for a lesser singing talent to want to exceed limits and maybe showcase all their singing prowess in a song which is obviously intended for such a purpose.

Instead, as mentioned before, Zay’Marie surprises, us as she exhibits masterful vocal control, with all elements at their pinnacle. This arrangement is perfect as to not detract from her delivery and results in an incredibly listenable and cohesive song which never disturbs or challenges the ear. Zay’Marie is currently in the studio working on her new untitled EP, scheduled to be released this summer.


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