Broadway Pixels ® Providing Good time Entertainment Comes Naturally!

To say that Broadway Pixels ® wears many hats, may be an understatement. He is a Comedian, Gamer, Musician, and App Developer, Sony Entertainment Partnership (VEVO). He started making music when he was only 8 years old. Broadway Pixels ® met up with a friend awhile back, who does main vocals for their song, and they are now dedicated to making the best beats around, and providing music for all tastes. Their latest 2018 EDM/House flavored singles, include, “Let It Be” featuring the vocals of Yusuf, and “Time to Be”.

In the EDM world, music is not just an art, but a mental destination where feeling good is a must for entry. Considering that Broadway Pixels ® is President and CEO of his own Mobile, Gaming and Music Development Company, providing good time entertainment comes naturally to him.

Broadway Pixels ® has sincerely been blessed with what many call “the ear” ” or an uncanny ability to hear rhythm flowing and melody building before it even forms. Honestly, if you listen to these two singles you will understand that this is an artist that glows in his personal music perspective. B

ut he also has the potential of being a power-player when it comes to euphoric, feel-good music. The added twist is that unlike many of his contemporaries, Broadway Pixels ® doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously, and that carefree playfulness shines through the music.

“Time to Be” is a testament to his distinct and distinguishable prowess as a insouciant producer with some lively lead synth sounds dragging the track around the dance floor.

The way the drums beat, the bass pulses, and the melody blazons upward and through the crowd’s minds would transform any anonymous night into an enraptured and blissful dancing experience.

Broadway Pixels ® performs with a happiness that makes it seem as if he is discovering his love for music for the first time, thus you cannot help but give in to the atmospheric joy.

Broadway Pixels ® genuine love for creating music, connecting crowds, and bringing good vibes is again palpable on “Let It Be”, except this time around, he has the soulful vocals of Yusuf in support. If it’s true that music is about sharing the experience and the love, then this track is another blueprint for course.

Uncluttered, melodic and smooth as honey on toast, this track moves with an unerring forward momentum that is captivating. It’s a feel-good, groovy and very radio friendly. I think this “Average Geek” making music is absolutely unreal, so I am super biased, but everybody will love this. Just press play on any one of these songs, and suddenly, you’re listening, you’re dancing, you’re grooving, and you instantly want to smile and do something fun. The best part is that Broadway Pixels ® literally burst out of nowhere!


2018 by Broadway Pixels on VEVO.

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