Peter Barr: “More As We Go” seeps into your subconscious

Peter Barr Is a musical artist whose focus is rhythm and harmony. His passion for drumming and music led him from his Midwestern roots in Chicago to NYC where...

Peter Barr Is a musical artist whose focus is rhythm and harmony. His passion for drumming and music led him from his Midwestern roots in Chicago to NYC where he now resides. He can be seen performing regularly and recording with some of NYC’s finest musical talents such as, Paul Beaubrun, Bohio Musik, and his own band featuring bassist Francis Mbappe and drummer Jojo Kuo. Peter also plays drums for Dance classes, Ceremonies, and teaches drumming and music. On his 1st LP, “On The Inside” he is featured singing and playing steel pans and drums, with Anthony Cedras, Jojo Kuo, and Ukranian bassist Dimitri Ishenko. Peter’s latest release, is the 2018 single, “More As We Go”.

Strolling barefoot on warm golden sands, napping under shady palms and sipping piña colada’s at sunset- you’re dreaming of your care-free, Caribbean vacation and you need a simple soundtrack to get you ready for it all. With an intriguing mix of pop and sweet calypso sounds, “More As We Go” will transport you to a sun-kissed, tropical beach and make you feel like you’re already there with your loved one.

The effect of the steel pan sound has an alluring effect on the song. The beckoning of its music seeps into your subconscious and almost instantly induces a positive atmosphere.

Peter Barr is one of those insanely talented artists that many people may overlook because of his unique style. Instead he has an important message embedded within his music, and he keeps it subtle under his gentle and sleek voice.

Initially, it may seem like Barr is doing nothing that is necessarily memorable or different then many of his contemporaries, but in reality, he’s taking a more sophisticated pop approach. Right off the bat, Barr is putting all of his inner thoughts on paper, and drives home the emotion with his sweeping rhythms and melody.

“More As We Go” seems to have a deeper meaning to the lyrics than we may think.  You’ll find the formula of this smooth rhythmic music, is thoroughly enjoyable and even uplifting.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the things happening in the world today, but when songs like this come along, there’s a spirit within the sound that just sets you free. The overall approach is uncluttered, simple and spotless, with the song emerging as a track that’s undeniably rich in texture, rhythm, and sentiment.

Peter Barr falls into that eclectic category of artists which include Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz and Dave Matthews. Their music transcend genres, remaining cool, calm, and collected, with a certain charm about the vocals.  Even though Peter Barr never asserts himself in an aggressive manner, his personality wins you over, despite his subtlety.


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