Black Whiskey: “She’s On Fire” – the collective power of the group

Brisbane based rock band, Black Whiskey, was formed in Australia by lead singer and frontman, Alan Goodluck who was joined by his longtime friend and drummer, Dean Morrissey, Venezuelan bassist Julio Sandoval, and guitarists Dan Coates and Jon Wein, both hailing from England. There is a good deal of experience behind Black Whiskey, who supported Australia’s Rose Tattoo, England’s Skindred, America’s Hollywood Undead, as well as other great local acts as Diva Demolition. The band who has released a string of acclaimed singles, and have been aired on radio stations across the globe, recently dropped their latest track, entitled “She’s On Fire”.

On one level, the song is a transparent anthem ready to be used on television during the maximum possible number of montaged sports action highlights. On the other it’s an arena and stadium ready rocker. The brutality of the main riff is complemented by the fluidity of the blistering lead solo.

But ultimately, the song is all about the collective power of the group. The track is heavy because it’s dense with detail. Hooks and vocal tricks from the glam and hair metal era are all pulled in and devoured by the band’s rock machine.

This is rock n’ roll at its finest and Alan Goodluck delivers a great vocal performance here. Dan Coates and Jon Wein’s guitars sound crunchy, thick and enforce strong melodies over Julio Sandoval’s bass. The vocals feel gritty, raw and real, much like anything the legendary rock bands of rock’s golden era used to do, which is always great to hear.

You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that the fiery, raucous AC/DC template is not far removed from what Black Whiskey are doing here. Dean Morrissey’s drumming possesses a bag full of stop-and-go power and his backbeat swings with the force of an anvil.

“She’s On Fire” is an uncompromising declaration of what Black Whiskey is. As expected, the single drips with muscle and testosterone, but unlike corporate rock bands, Black Whiskey are stripped down to nuts and bolts. The music’s concise design lends itself towards an intention to say more with less, and to say it louder.

Each bar strikes right between the eyes. Every riff sounds like it could crack open a skull, as the band invites the listener down into the grit and dirt of real rock n’ roll. Much of the success of the sound here is down to the flawless and clean production. The rhythms are tight, the riffs colossal, the drums loud and Goodluck’s vocals pushed to the fore.

“She’s On Fire” shakes, rattles and rolls with all the chutzpah of a band that know exactly who they are, what their sound is and where they want to stand in the pantheon of rock. This single is squarely aimed at the fans who still believe that rock and roll will take over the world…and who’s to say that they are wrong?


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