Ray CartaGino: “All In” off The NewAgeOutLawz Album

Born in Cleveland Ohio and raised in Canton Ohio, Rayshaun Hastings aka Ray CartaGino is a hip-hop artist, producer, song writer and CEO of his own Indie Label. He has spent the last 20 years on his grind, opening for acts such as Twista , Hopsin, Gorilla Zoe, Steve Stone, BETs creator of 106&Park Pat Charles and many others. He has been featured in many magazines and has performed at some of the biggest venues, such as The Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta, The House of Blues in Cleveland and The Vortex Night Club In Akron and many others throughout Ohio and other States. He has featured on Tech9nine’s mixtape and has had a feature song with Kevin Gates.

Present at the 2018 SXSW in Austin Texas, Ray CartaGino will be dropping his 12th album this summer, entitled “The Parental Advisory Album”. In anticipation of his upcoming 2018 releases, we caught up with the brand new single. “All In” off The NewAgeOutLawz Album.

This is a song only Ray CartaGino could have created, and it is a song that everyone needs to hear. It’s almost as if it is a rallying call to listeners. The beat goes absolutely nuts.

The keys are flying all over the place, there is a thumping kick drum and snares snapping at insane intensity, and Cartagino’s voice is being thrown up and down—transforming from innocent crooning, to a raging soundtrack for the collective feeling of repping your territory.

 With Cartagino yelling his fierce rhymes and releasing all of the tension in his body over this already chaotic beat, the track literally becomes an audio revolution. It is one of the most impressive energy driven rap songs I’ve heard in this new year. Ray CartaGino is at his best on this track.

Hyped doesn’t even explain half the feeling you will have when you hear this. Ray CartaGino really crafted an impassioned and focused track here. And he caught me by surprise. “All In” really displays his talents and his thoughts. Many artists could learn a lot by listening to this track, which is something that isn’t said that often these days.

CartaGino really knows how to throw down an intensified groove, while remaining true to his roots and sticking up for his city. This makes him an endearing character, and easy person to root for. I highly recommend this single to anyone looking for an enthusiastic and refreshing voice in hip hop.

Adorning a guise of durable resilience in the face of adversity is key to surviving hip-hop’s trenches. Representing Ohio as boldly as ever, Ray CartaGino finds himself aptly navigating the contrasting braggadocio and consciousness of a quintessential rapper.


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