The Viceroys: Light up one and enjoy “Why”!

The Viceroys is one of those bands that just hits you. They have a ton of great songs. They write great music. Positive lyrics that can help you get...

The Viceroys is one of those bands that just hits you. They have a ton of great songs. They write great music. Positive lyrics that can help you get through tough times, make you ponder and allow you to light up one and enjoy. Which is exactly what their latest track, “Why” achieves. It’s rare to come across a reggae band that possesses the intelligence and work ethic that The Viceroys pour into their music. With those qualities complimenting a solid roots-rock foundation, technically proficient musical ability and an undeniable passion for their craft you’ve got a band that has shown proven long term growth and musical evolution as well as a guaranteed kick-ass staying power.

The Viceroys, have been through member changes and name changes during their careers. They’ve also been known as The Voiceroys, The Interns, The Inturns, The Brothers, and The Hot Tops, since as a reggae vocal group they first started recording in 1967.

Originally formed in Kingston, Jamaica by Wesley Tinglin, along with Daniel Bernard and Bunny Gayle, The Viceroys had a big hit in Jamaica in 1980 with the Sly & Robbie-pro duced “Heart Made of Stone”, and have worked with the cream of Jamaican artists throughout the years they’ve been active.

The year 2000 saw the original trio get back together for a short lived reunion to re-record some of their classics and release the CD “The Original Voiceroys Revisited”. Luckee Riddims a subsidiary of Luckee Records out of Oslo, Norway, has just dropped The Viceroys track “Why”.

“Why” is an excellent example of all of the aforementioned qualities of The Viceroys, and is an exciting indicator that roots reggae still holds its ground. It varies between driving reggae-riffs and a deep, mellow roots rhythm while constantly riding captivating bass lines.

“Why” is a perfect track for chilling at the beach or driving with your windows down and is guaranteed to get the ladies bouncing and swaying. Although girls are clearly attracted to the fun, weedy vibe, the band is not your typical party-boy reggae band formed purely for the chick-factor. There is a whole lot more to be grooving to here.

The band’s legendary background has created a foundation and band dynamic that has inspired them to constantly explore the art of music and further their technical abilities, as well as push forward the message of reggae music. It has also given them the drive and organization to release various albums and orchestrate a relentless series of collaboration efforts through the years.

The Viceroys remained true to their roots in a fresh, original way. The overall theme of personable responsibility, peace, love, and of course, the good vibes on “Why” are what make The Viceroys a signature voice in reggae music’s legacy.



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