A-Thug: “I Stay Prayed Up” – An inspired writer with a distinctive vocal presence

Despite what image the moniker A-Thug, might put into head, most of his songs contain depth that most rappers don’t explore. In sharp contrast to the usual “look at my wealth” themes commonly spewed from today’s modern ignoramuses, this dude has lots of positive affirmations and conscious concepts thoroughly buried inside his music. No matter what your background is most tap fans can easily relate to something in his lyrics.  A-Thug has songs that you can play in the club or parties, then he has his mellow tracks and songs for the ladies as well as the men, hell he may just have enough music for every need.  There’s a variation of types of songs on his albums, and other releases available on most digital download platforms. It’s not just one way all the way through, as A-Thug shows you many different sides of himself through his music while riding the beats.

One of his latest tracks, dropped just recently, is “I Stay Prayed Up”, which once again showcases his positive attitude: “Heal My Body, Heal My Mind/ Keep Me Focus, All The Time/ Shine A Light, Keep Me On My Grind/ I Stay Prayed Up, All The Time, I Stay Prayed Up  All The Time/”.

An inspired writer with a distinctive vocal presence, A-Thug never lags off the pace when it came to making records. Even stripped of their context – not that that’s possible to do, entirely – his songs maintain those often indefinable intrinsic qualities that can turn simple records into cultural landmarks.

“I Stay Prayed Up” has enough substance to merit serious attention and appraisal with the benefit of the objectivity that a scrupulous mind affords. This single is released in a time when there is a battle going on outside and where the light is losing its ever so slight advantage over the gathering darkness in this world.

Hence a positive track such as this, in a moment that may prove to be more than just fleeting, comes across as powerful, compelling and captivating. This presence of optimism allows A-Thug to build a foundation for a track that ends up being able to transcend any comparison to his contemporaries or peers.

“I Stay Prayed Up” cannily ranges across the hip hop map, taking in grit from one coast and shine from another. Everything A-Thug says comes from his heart and his mind, and he speaks as if he knows what’s going on with the world.

The beat is addictive, while A-Thug clearly has a great flow and a way with his words which he raps with passion. “I Stay Prayed Up” will find its audience organically, creeping its way into the rotation of music lovers who feel the brilliance in every moment. And steadily the rest of you will begin to understand why.



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