Lyndon Rivers: “Where Are You Going” smashes it!

The sheer number of singles released in the past year, easily demonstrates the might of Lyndon Rivers’ production. It is rich, powerful, smart, unique, catchy, explorative, energetic, and very direct in targeting a particular feel, which Lyndon changes every so often with his new releases. It’s almost as if he is sending out messages with every single that he drops that dance and electronic music is becoming too formulaic and DJ friendly, and that EDM is becoming boring because of that. Sure, Lyndon Rivers’ music may be electronic/dance music, but it’s…different…on every occasion. Lyndon uses various instruments, harsh synths, and haunting or melodic vocals to make flowing, beautiful, catchy, and encompassing works of art.

On his latest track, “Where Are You Going”, Lyndon Rivers has managed to fuse recognizable dance elements into a sound that would better be deemed as electro-pop with alt-indie tendencies. Very little of this song feels forced or present for its own sake; there seems to be meaning behind every sound, beat and riser.

The off-setting of action-packed drops with melodic sections is nothing new to EDM, but here it almost feels like Lyndon built the drops around the melodies, rather than the other way around. If you’re already of the belief that EDM is all shallow party music with nothing to offer, then this may be the record to change your mind.

If Lyndon Rivers’ aim here was to write a good, original dance record, it’s safe to say he smashed it. Listening to “Where Are You Going” you realize that this track injects the vivacious tendencies of today’s best dance music, yet exhibits an abstract view of how dance music can be manipulated and built through the simplest means.

Though Lyndon never gets overwhelmed by his influences, they seem to extend farther back into history than most producers in his field, hence that extra stylistic edge. He drops in powerful alternative indie styled vocals, a sentimental lyrical theme, and electronic instrumentation that wouldn’t even alienate listeners who think they hate dance music.

Throughout “Where Are You Going”, Lyndon shows a mastery of arrangement and range of melody that most electronic performers do not grasp – let alone possess. He demands listeners’ attention with the potent verses, and even more blaring choruses. With the release of this track Lyndon Rivers again shows off his amazing musicianship, but this can also be described as a more mature and developed sound than anything he has done before.

You can listen to the track here: WHERE ARE YOU GOING BY LYNDON RIVERS


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