BADB CATHA: “TWENTY PHIVE BONEZZZ” – innovative and diverse!

A native to Nashville, TN, BADB CATHA has spent the last 6 years in Huntington Beach, CA, with stops all over the country and beyond in-between. Her interactions with many types of people from different cultural backgrounds inspires her lyrical storytelling by attempting to see life through the eyes of others. She and her close friend, Lil Uminati aka Lxor, also co-founded a record label called POLYMORBID RECORDS, seeking to lift up talented underground artists with powerful voices. Between all her universal commitments and aspirations, BADB CATHA is a hardworking creative artist in her own right, and has just dropped her latest single “TWENTY PHIVE BONEZZZ”. And it’s one that brings a different flavor to hip-hop.


BADB CATHA brings delicate triphop styled vocals, dark gothic themes and futuristic electronic soundscapes for an explosive sonic mix that is as boldly left field as any female creative has taken the hip-hop genre thus far. She crushes all the clichés, innovative and diverse this is an artist firmly in control of her career.

She makes no secret of her antipathy for record labels, nor does she shy away from any controversial spotlight if it presents itself. She feels as strongly about her opinions as she does for her rhymes, because at the end of the day, BADB CATHA has a tight grasp on her musical message and delivery.

That’s why “TWENTY PHIVE BONEZZZ” is exactly the type of project that fans should be clamoring for, with BADB CATHA at her lyrical sharpest and, musically, her most eclectic. The kind of experimenting she does with her music can go dangerously astray in lesser hands, but she smartly knows its exact direction from song to song.

Lil Uminati and BADB CATHA

Her writing and rapping are fascinating to dissect, superficially cute and shiny but complex, layered and very dark on the inside with closer listening. It’s songs like this that take you by total surprise when it could easily slip into the doldrums of complacency.

“TWENTY PHIVE BONEZZZ” is a hell of a way to make a statement in rap or hip-hop music – all minimalist electronic beep and a mesmerizing enunciation, her off-kilter accent a guiding force on every single line of the song.

The flashes of her eccentric personality that transpires through this record proves that BADB CATHA appears to give literally zero shits about what you, I or anyone else, thinks about how she executes her music. If she has an opinion, she expresses it. And it’s almost empowering to watch her expose her singular creativity, and then witness her resist the imperative to compromise at any point.

BADB CATHA has a great instrument, it’s called originality, and she knows how to use it. There are no ‘sound-alike’ comparisons to be made, because she really has no equivalents. There’s a time and a place for every sound and BADB CATHA definitely knows her niche. “TWENTY PHIVE BONEZZZ” is perfect for settings that require both thinking and moving.


One thought on “BADB CATHA: “TWENTY PHIVE BONEZZZ” – innovative and diverse!

  1. Wow! This song is super dope, and she is incredibly talented. Always on the hunt for new music that’s catchy and original…but hearing so much of the same crap constantly makes one start to lose hope. Her stuff is just my speed. Finally some new music to listen to! Thanks guys for the article!

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