Omar Bowing: “Already Missing You” an impressive musical arsenal

An air of incisive examination permeates Omar Bowing’s lyrics, on his latest single release, “Already Missing You”, and the way he confronts inner doubts and anxieties. Since his debut Bowing has been a gift to us all. Deciding whether his lyrics or melodies are more complex is like choosing a favorite child: you just can’t. A rich rock, symphonic score-like track that seems to make the recording feel like you’re watching a sentimental film; and evoking the same sentiment many people feel while watching their personal world go up in literal and figurative flames – “This is exhausting / This is so strange / You are here but you’ll leave / I can do nothing / This is so weird / I couldn’t see the storm coming.”  “Already Missing You” is very much an Omar Bowing record, with the band capitalizing on the glorious, experimental melodies and changing tempos that have become their hallmark. The project blends much more avant-garde and melody than their previous records, with a great abundance of catchy guitar hooks to match.

What has always been consistent about Omar Bowing, is the strength of the material. And once again here Bowing and his wholly idiosyncratic writing style remains thankfully intact. For there isn’t really anyone else out there in the underground making music even remotely like Omar Bowing, aided by his trusty Guitarviol, at such a high and consistent level.

His eclectic mix of progressive rock, chamber pop, and alternative rock maintains his status, as well as that of his sometimes band members – Martin Motnik on bass, Tim Horsley on drums and Tyson Yen on vocals – both perfectly approachable and challenging, and this remains his, and their greatest success.

“Already Missing You” for instance has all the baroque charm starting out slowly, then stomping along at headier pace. This song is a perfect example of one of the band’s best strengths, the subtle build.

They have a tendency to let a song do its thing in a familiar and pleasing fashion, before pulling the rug from underneath the listener with a section that somehow manages to pile more layers, more meaning, more feeling into the established foundations, before knocking the whole thing down again. And Omar Bowing runs riot with that template here. We almost don’t deserve a band who remain so consistently inventive and appealing.

As always though, the melody and Omar Bowings guitar remains the stars of the piece. While, it’s not immediately obvious which one is leading the charge, it never exactly matters. The two complement each other so profoundly with their glorious, soaring melodies and roller-coaster styles that they remain the not-so-secret weapon in Omar Bowing’s impressive musical arsenal.

Yet again, “Already Missing You” is another excellent recording from an artist who doesn’t seem to know how to produce anything else. This latest release shows no signs of stopping their quality of sound and long may that continue.


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