Colonial Prototype: “Not Gonna Wait” – a constant flow of creativity

Colonial Prototype is an experimental music group composed of two artist who live in different continents. Lyricist Oria, who lives in Madrid, Spain and instrumentalist Eric, who resides in Tucson, AZ, USA. Thanks to the internet they have released their brand new single “Not Gonna Wait”. Electronic and rock music have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship. Utilizing electronic elements can add a whole different dimension to a band’s sound. It makes perfect sense for Colonial Prototype. Their music is dramatic and dynamic, with a hard, driving rock edge. It’s grandiose and bombastic in parts, with soaring female vocals.

The vocals have a very noticeable presence, and comes off as powerful when the singer reaches though higher notes (which occur often). She could easily establish herself to be a very fitting vocalist for a Goth rock band. The songwriting is deceptive, seeming to be less complicated than it really is. There is a constant flow of creativity, with the heavenly lead female vocalist shimmering over the arrangement. All in all, the duo here is just in fine form musically.

It’s a very haunting sound, mixed with explosive, crushing riffs and atmospheric synths. Eric blends it all together to provide one haunting experience. It’s one of the grittiest sounds I’ve heard this side of metal, and it’s on the cutting edge of hard rock and similar boundaries. They both complement each other so perfectly throughout this single.

Not many, if any rock bands are as daring as Colonial Prototype with their sound anymore. They take modern rock to a whole new level, at a time when the popularity of rock has diminished. The sound here is so awesomely heavy, yet beautifully melodic.

“Not Gonna Wait” is just flawlessly driven with a beautiful and wonderful melody combined with crunchy, gut punching rock riffs, keyboard flourishes, nice bass licks, and great drum work all topped off by the incredible vocal deliveries.

“Not Gonna Wait” shows why both Oria and Eric work so incredibly well together as they both demonstrate their teamwork with such ease, perfection and passion, plus the song is also filled with all kinds of great riffs, drums and awesome keyboard effects throughout as well.

One could draw similarities between Colonial Prototype and earlier versions of Evanescence, but only in the broader sense, as Colonial Prototype are more experimental and strident in their approach.

If you’re looking for a thunderous new sound, “Not Gonna Wait” will keep you hooked for much more than just a month. It is quite a testament to the creativity and synergy of a band when you can listen to a song and always get something different from it.


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